European Association for Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE)

2006 Conference Location and Lodging

Last Update 2006-03-25

Conference 2006 location: "Die Jugendherberge Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen)".

 Accomodation for about 50 people in double, four bed, and six bed rooms. 

Please, book your accomodation as soon as possible. Refer to our conference.
Please, send information about where you are booked to office@eahae.org.

Make sure the room price is right when you are booking!


Die Jugendherberge Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen)
Christel Sauerbier
Eulbacher Str. 33
64711 Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen)

Booking via G&K HorseDream GmbH only:
E-mail: office@horsedream.com

Internet: https://www.djh-hessen.de/jh/jugendherberge-Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen)/index.php

Room & breakfast: EUR 22,00 - 28,00

Double rooms and 4-bed-rooms, which can also be used as single/double rooms.


Hotel - Restaurant
Fam. Heilmann
Bullauer Str. 10
64711 Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen)

Fon +49 6062 3174
Fax +49 6062 62666

Internet: https://www.hotel-erlenhof-Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen).de
E-mail: info@hotel-erlenhof-Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen).de

Single room & breakfast: EUR 44,00
Double room & breakfast: EUR 77,00

4 double rooms and 7 single rooms available.



Kurt Keil
Taunusstraße 12
64720 Michelsadt

Fon +49 6061 3448
Fax +49 6061 73779

Internet: https://www.hotel-nibelungen.de

Single room & breakfast: EUR 43,00
Double room & breakfast: EUR 70,00

14 double/single  rooms available.


  Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen)er Tennishotel
Frau Leu
Carl-Benz-Str. 3
64711 Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen)

Fon +49 6062 2051
Fax +49 6062 3309

Single room & breakfast: EUR 41,00
Double room & breakfast: EUR 72,00

8 double/single  rooms available.


Fenwick Farm
Ortstr, 41
64711 Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen)-Erbuch

Booking via G&K HorseDream GmbH only:
E-mail: office@horsedream.com

Please note:

Fenwick Farm rooms are reserved for conference participants, who will attend the pre-conference coaching workshop on Thursday or the post-conference Train-the-Trainer-Seminar Monday-Tuesday after the conference.
Price per person:

Room in holiday flat: EUR 50,00
Single "children's room": EUR 20,00
Breakfast: EUR 7,00



EAHAE 2006 2nd Annual Conference: October 7-8, Kröpelin (OT Klein Nienhagen), Germany