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Teilnehmer Feedback

Texas Instruments, Training 26th June 2012 by Horse Alliance

Some feedback from the Texas Instruments group (35 people)

I learned how to better bond with my team and how to adjust to a flexible and unpredictable environment. A lovely experience overall!

I hand the most interesting day. It was the first time when we could actually see how people actually behave and how they actually are, which showed through the way they treated the horses. Great business idea. Would definitely advise this for companies.

Very good way of trying to find that inner-self in you and make you realise what type of person you are and how you react. Thank you!

I have learned something new about myself and looked deeper into what is inside of me. It was a wonderful and pleasant experience. Danke!

Working with the horses showed me that nothing is impossible, even if I have no prior experience or knowledge of the task.

Being out of your comfort zone gives great opportunity to learn.

Excellent seminar that provided exactly what we were looking for and what we intended to get across. Unique experience, perfect location & excellent food! (Organizer from TI)

I realized that we/I have to dedicate more time/effort to the “Goal defining + Agreeing” phase when building a project team. Thank youl

It was great because it was different to the usual courses/seminars. The horses added so much value… good inspirations for team work.

I think the most important outcome is to always stay open minded. Be open to new ideas, strategies etc. Overcome your personal fear or disbelief and learn how to adopt to new situations and find solutions even in unknown territories.

Was a great experience. I will take away a greater knowledge of my team members. I now know what I need to change and how I should improve.

I enjoyed working with the horses and think it was a valuable experience. It showed me that it is important to believe in yourself and respond to changing conditions while staying calm.

I learned :
- to define my goals and to focus on them because without being focused I cannot succeed.
- to face fears (I was afraid of the horses) and to overcome them by trusting in others (the horses did not hurt me!)
- that sometimes you have to leave the path to get to your goal.

For me personally it is a great idea to work with the horses on team-related issues. It very much opens “the door”. Super environment made everyone feel comfortable.

Many thanks! I really enjoyed the day. It was great to see the collaboration in the team and the difference the horses made. Respect and teamwork was visible.

A great thing coming out of the seminar is that it puts everybody on one level. In front of a horse you have no other power than that of your personality to make things work. – fooling impossible. That’s great!

It was very interesting to see how someone can lead a horse using his energy. Also horses are a mirror because they show us how we are. At the same time the exercises helped us to overcome our fears and just go for it (of course, having a goal!).