Conference 2006 Feedback

Mercedes Jimenez, Spain

I had such a great time during the conference. The organization, and the contents were great. Thanks a lot to you and Karin for organising everything for us.

Fabio Manzetti, Norway/Italy

Thank you and your sweet wife again for a most stimulating conference!

Beate Blankenburg, Germany

Jetzt endlich komme auch ich dazu Dir und Karin "Danke" zu sagen. Es war eine rundum gelungene Konferenz. Informativ, weiterbildend , Mut machend . Vor allem war es eine unglaublich schöne Atmosphäre mit all diesen Menschen, die sich mit derselben "Sache" beschäftigen.

Thomas Terhaar, Germany

Nochmals ein ganz herzlicher Dank an Karin und Dich und alle, die zum Gelingen dieser außergewöhnlich intensiven Konferenz beigetragen haben. Ich bin immer noch fasziniert von den anregenden Präsentationen und den vielen vertiefenden Gesprächen.

Barbara K. Rector, USA

The Conference was one of the BEST Learning and Sharing experiences ever.  Thank you to yourself and Karin for your foresight and energy in making preparations for so diverse a group to come together to learn and share. The atmosphere of celebrating our mutual heart passion for the remarkable gifts of the horse, information and networking exchanges, generous sharing of skilled knowledge, theory, concepts and principles contribute to making this conference one of my personal BEST Learning Experiences ever. YES, Next year's dates are in my daytimer.

Anette Haug, Scotland

Vielen Dank nochmals fuer die Konferenz - hat mir super gefallen!

David Harris, England

We had a really great time at the conference, thank you and Karin for your care, love and hospitality.

Claudia Meier, Germany

Einfach super! Bin mit vielen Ideen und Tatendrang nach hause gefahren.

Laura Turner, Scotland

Gerhard, may I add my heartfelt thanks to you and Karin and the rest of the team that made the conference such a life enhancing experience, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I met so many wonderful and inspiring people and heard so much thought provoking opinions and views, it's hard to know how to process all the information I have in my head at the moment!

Carlos Iglesias & Victoria Baras, Spain

T hank you for these last days shared with you in Erbach. We enjoyed it very much.

Agata Wiatrowska, Poland

Das war eine wunderschoene Konferenz :-)

Dagmar Feller, Germany

Danke für die phantastischen Tage auf der Konferenz.

Anne and Jørgen Kühnell, Denmark

THANK YOU for a super great conference – the best and most clarifying workshop I ever attended! What people/participants confirmed was all my own hopes, targets and dreams. I received structure, wisdom, reasoning and back ground knowledge to really understand how important our work in EAHAE is – and also that we CAN do it! Thank you again for all the hard work with such a great result.

Paul Hunting, England

Thanks again for a wonderful conference. I wrote this letter to everyone.

Weird coincidences:
Is this how Spirit sends us those TV programs?

A message of gratitude from Paul Hunting. Monday morning – too early.

I was waiting for my return flight at Frankfurt airport. Reading a novel by Melvyn Bragg, The Soldier’s Return, about the effects on some English people of the (forgotten) Burmese war against Japan in 1946. I remember a joke I’d, an hour or so before, shared with Laura about taking this work to Japan because there’s(ho-ho) a Jap in the market!! (Get it?)

The novel’s character is talking about having just gone to see the film ‘Casablanca’. A minute later a flight is called over the PA – to guess where? Casablanca! How often have you heard a call for that particular destination? Me – never.

As I sit on the little bus that takes us to the aircraft, I am reading the part where our hero reminisces about digging a bayonet into a Japanese soldier- yucch! I have just finished a meal of sushi ( I never eat raw fish or meat!) Just then, a gentleman sits down opposite me – he’s Japanese! I silently apologise from my race to his. He remains oblivious, of course.

I finally get into my car to drive home from Birmingham airport. When I eventually figure out my way to the M40 I click on the radio. I catch the last few seconds of a programme about – guess what? The (forgotten) Burmese war against Japan! Dazed, I miss my turnoff and have to go the long way round. The next programme is about how animals and natural pursuits are being used with young offenders to evoke a sense of caring. A story is read about a donkey who has had to endure intolerable cruelty from his bullying owner...and so it goes on.

Thank-you all so much for a wonderful E-A-H-A-E Conference. You’re all invited to visit me here. I don’t want to wait another year to see you.

Peter Tester, Switzerland

Ich möchte Dir und deinen Mitarbeitern nochmals recht herzlich für die Organisation und Durchführung der Konferenz danken. Es war wieder ein super Erlebnis. Ich habe viel gelernt und meine Begeisterung für die Sache wieder aufgefrischt. Herzlichen Dank.

Beth Duff, Scotland

Just to say thanks so much for arranging such a wonderful conference - lots of great people, great presentations and plenty to talk about! The Youth Hostel made a great venue too and I loved seeng your beautiful horses.

Katarzyna Lubbe, Poland

Thank you very much once again for the conference!! It was amazing for me see and meet all those people.