Licensed HorseDream Partner
Licensed 2014

Company: VERI Coaching
Name: Verena Risse
Country: Indonesia

Jl. Kemang Timur, No. 7
12510 Jakarta

Mobile Phone: +62 816 17161753
E-mail: verena.risse@vericoaching.com
Website: www.vericoaching.com



EAHAE Member 2014
Qualified 2014


Verena is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) working with international clients on leadership development, intercultural communication and executive topics.

She is a German national, having worked and lived in Germany, The United Arab Emirates and now in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her background is finance.

In December 2014 she conducted the first HorseDream workshop ever in Indonesia.

Leadership = Guiding People

Managers have subordinates. Leaders have followers. Leaders enthuse, inspire and support people on their path. Leadership is an essential part of management.

Excellent leadership boils down to 3 core skills:

Excellent communication

When did YOU last get training on these skills?

Good Leadership makes the difference between excellent and average teams. However, leaders and managers rarely have the opportunity of thinking undisturbed and relaxed about their core task: guiding themselves and their teams towards a defined goal. In daily business life, claims to good leadership are often vague and execution suffers from lack of time in day-to-day routine. And in private life, taking leadership for our life and our family often also surrenders to multilayered tasks and obligations.

Does this sound familiar? If yes, do you like to communicate clearer, listen also to the un-said, motivate and commend more often, share your vision effectively, build a dynamic and inspiring team culture? Are you ready to work on your leadership skills and take care of yourself?

These tasks require awareness, reflection, presence and self management. But foremost, they require time and an undisturbed space to explore and train. VERI Coaching ensures both and supports you in a non-judgmental and open dialogue around your topics and your personality.

Horse assisted 1-day leadership workshops and individual coaching – or a combination of both – sharpen your authentic leadership style and help you to become an excellent leader.


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