Ulrike Kleindienst, Austria


Company: OAD-Kleindienst (outdoor – assisted – development)
Name: Mag. Ulrike Kleindienst
Country: Austria

A-3822 Karlstein
Goschenreith 23

Phone: +43(0)2844/7473
Mobile Phone: +43(0)664/1266414
Fax: +43(0)2844/7473
E-mail: ulrike@oad-kleindienst.at

Website: www.oad-kleindienst.at


Can you recall what you were aiming to achieve when you were about 10 years old? What your most intensive dream about your future was at that time?

This is a very effective question if you as a coach want to help someone find out today what his or her passions had been before their dreams were pushed into the background through life's reality. More often than not, the answer to this question will be the starting point for finding out what the true emotional vocation of your life is.

I have loved horses since I was a child and many encounters with them had near therapeutic effects on me. This eventually made me study horse therapy, without at that time really practising it. My job career after that foray into horse therapy has been the work as regional manager in many projects of rural development. Today, almost in the middle of my life, the above question has taken me back to my roots and has made it possible to turn my passion into a financial resource.

My husband, me, our two adolescent sons, and our animals (two horses, three lamas, and one dog) live in a small village in the northern Lower Austria. Our business, "outdoor assisted development" (OAD), on one hand offers spare time adventures just for fun, on the other hand it offers process orientated training for teams, student groups, social profit organisations and the general public. The idea of our business is exploiting the power of nature for the benefit of the individual or company. Animal assisted development, especially with horses, is a part of OAD, using the elementary energy that emanates from horses.

Horses are symbolic for a lot of things. They work as a giant backdrop on which we project our emotions, strengths, and fears. They offer many opportunities to deal intensively with oneself. Horses work as mirrors. They act and react immediately. New perspectives and unusual points of view and approaches are opened by them. Horses are motivating, they donīt judge others the way we humans do and therefore they approach people without prejudices.

At present, I mostly work with individuals in a special therapeutic and pedagogical context. I experience and learn. Iīm looking forward to being involved in more horse assisted training projects in the near future.