Sonia Struggia, Italy

Company: Equilearning
Name: Sonia Struggia
Country: Italy

Via Cortona, 17
Fiumicello (Ud)

Mobile Phone: 0039 335 6816129
E-mail: sonia.struggia@equilearning.it



I have always been interested in human behaviour...

... and looking for the most effective way to communicate with other human beings in order to improve relationships.

This brought me to study NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and learn about Coaching, a way to help people achieving their goals and discover all their potentialities.

I then spent some time in California and had the chance to meet some great horsemen and get more and more in the world of horses, my deepest passion. I work now as a professional trainer, I teach Nlp, Effective communication, leadership and as a Life and Business Coach, and in all this I have chosen as assistant … my horse, Cody.

Working as a Horse Assisted Educator allows me to combine my experience with people with my love for horses. My goal is to contribute to create a better place for people and horses.