EAHAE Lifetime Member
Company: HorseSense
Name: Nikki Kagan
Country: Israel

Harishonim #10
PO box 69
Hibbat Zion 3888500

Phone: 972-4-630-8324
Mobile Phone: 972 523-209-390
Fax: 972 4-630-8324
E-mail: nikki@horsesense.co.il

Website: www.horsesense.co.il



Based on more than 35 years of combined experience as management consultants and corporate facilitators, Nikki and Leslie Kagan offer corporate leaders a unique and highly effective approach to leadership and team development through their HorseSense programs.  Their custom-designed programs help individuals and teams to effectively:

  • Increase self-awareness with respect to leadership styles and the ways in which to influence or impact others

  • Expand their “repertoire” of leadership approaches in order to be flexibly responsive as appropriate (i.e., being able to lead, partner, or follow effectively)

  • Develop an understanding of leadership presence that is “embodied” and experienced on an emotional level, not just known intellectually; and

  • Learn to self-manage relative to their leadership performance and self-evaluate relative to progress in cultivating desired leadership competencies