Maren Anne Røed, Norway



Name: Maren Anne Røed
Country: Norway

Kirkeveien 87
0361 Oslo

Mobile Phone: +47 92048804
E-mail: maren@herdlife.no
Website: www.herdlife.no


Leadership is not about titles - it’s about all the amazing things you can achieve together with your herd!

In a leadership training with HERDLIFE we exercise our leadership muscles. The workshop concept is inspired by how horses live, work and play in their herds. The horses are essential in the trainings. With their raw power and delicate sensitivity, trust and presence is required by us to serve as their leaders.

By joining a HERDLIFE leadership training you will get:

• The impact needed to achieve the results you are aiming for.
• Courage and strength to stand out and to make tough decisions.
• Trust and credibility to build great relations, your reputation and your brand.
• The mindset of a team player, that inspire and lift others.

I am Maren Anne Røed, and I am the founder of HERDLIFE. I have 10 years of experience from global technology companies, with focus on user and customer experience. I have designed digital experiences, services and products, and I have been leading innovative projects and strategic cooperations.

With HERDLIFE workshops I have designed leadership trainings for you who wants to make the most of your leadership potential, for yourself and for your herd.

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