Company: Epona (Scotland)
Name: Laura Turner
Country: Scotland

Glenlyon House, Brunton, FIFE

Phone: 01337 870345
Mobile Phone: +00 44 7786 986306

E-mail: laura.turner@eponapeople.co.uk
Website: www.eponapeople.co.uk



Licensed HorseDream Partner

EAHAE Member 2006
Qualified 2007

  2006      2007  
EAHAE Annual
Conference Attendance

Laura has been working with teams and individuals for more than 20 years, helping them individually and collectively to be all that they choose to be. 

Everyone has greatness within themselves; some people want to let it all out and some choose to explore theirs more tentatively to begin with.  It’s not a case of ‘either/or’......it’s always ‘both/and’.....the client chooses with the help of the horse!

She has worked in Banking and Finance; Manufacturing and Advertising at Board Levels and fully understands the needs of the professional.

She is also a qualified hypnotherapist and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner and Executive and Life Coach.

She passionately believes that ‘success’ comes when people learn how to  “think  less and feel more”. In her 20 years of coaching others, never has this been truer statement than now.  And never has working with horses become more important as the vehicle to lead people to this place.

To be successful in business and in life we need to learn new skills, new ways of thinking and being.  We hear plenty about EQ (Emotional Intelligence).  Laura believes, as do her clients once they’ve experienced this remarkable way of learning and growing, that working with horses is the quickest and most successful way of truly finding out what EQ is and how it works.  You can’t learn this in a classroom!

She works in Scotland with her 4 very different horses – from Shetland to Clydesdale - and is equally happy to offer 1:1 and group sessions at her custom build facilities in Fife or travel to the client where practical.

Sessions are always tailor-made to the needs of the client.  However, often it is the horse who ‘decides’ what the learning needs to be and as their ancient wisdom is always far greater than ours, we take that route when it is offered to us. 

Never has a client been disappointed!