Larry Freeborg, USA


Company: Stepping Through the Gate
Name:Larry Freeborg
Country: USA

9796 Cedar Rd
Novelty, OH 44072
Phone: 612-723-5395
E-mail: Larry@steppingthroughthegate.com 
Website: https://steppingthroughthegate.com


"Stepping Through The Gate" helps entrepreneurial business leaders and independent professionals take purposeful action and create the results they want.

Five of our clients have been nominated for "Entrepreneur of the Year" or the "Fastest-Growing Minnesota Company" within three years of working with us.

Results/expectations of our business clients:

When clients work with Stepping Through The Gate they can expect to experience focused and aligned teams, enjoying themselves, making things happen.

Business environments are created that are both enjoyable to work in and financially rewarding for the owners and the employees.  Cultures we've helped create have achieved some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the market place, with happy, motivated employees.

Expect challenging, probing questions presented in a caring way to help you get clear - We help people gain clarity about what they intend to create in their lives and businesses and identify the key issues and opportunities that need to be addressed to produce the results they desire.

Entrepreneurs we've worked with have sold their business and became multi-millionaires. Once they were assured that their nest egg was established, several of them started new businesses again.

Businesses losing money have been turned around and cash-flow concerns have diminished using the "Wisdom of the Group".

Results our personal clients have experienced:

Clients report that the quality of their life has improved greatly as a result of working with us.

Clients are pursing careers where their talents, passions and values are aligned.

Clients are pursuing and fulfilling life dreams they thought were out of reach. They're taking vacations and sabbaticals they dreamed of but never thought were possible.

Clients with children have reported that the principles and practices they've learned working with us have helped themdevelop closer relationships with their spouse and children.

Results you can expect to achieve working with "Stepping Through the Gate."

Clear direction and focus in your business and your life that will result in more fulfillment and success. Focused direction will enable you to manage rapid growth, move out of a static position or deal effectively with the downturn you may be experiencing in your business.
Increased profits; increased revenue; more effective coordination of action; accountability; promise management; and improved customer satisfaction. We believe the answers to your business are within you and your team, not within us. Instead of advice, we provide you with proven approaches to bring your team's ideas together and take the action needed to manifest your goals.

An emphasis on "work smarter rather than harder by focusing on the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons" to maximize your opportunities and create your desired results.When we work with your leadership team, we will use the "wisdom of the group" to bring clarity and focus to what you want to create.

"Aha's" and "breakthroughs" to take the action needed to create what you desire in your life. You will identify and clarify core issues and beliefs systems holding you back and step through the blocks, barriers and limiting beliefs to achieve your goals.

Accelerated movement through identified and unidentified barriers. Your participation in experiential learning sessions will create openings to step through and minimize or eliminate the barriers, blocks, or fears currently holding you back.