Name: Judit Bial, Mgr.
Country: Slovakia

Športová 5911/80.
Dunajská Streda

Mobile Phone: +421 915 214 648
E-mail: bial.judit@gmail.com
Website: http://szedrestanya.eu/


  EAHAE Member 2017
  Qualified 2017


Judit has studied at the University of Comenius (UK) in Bratislava, and has Pedagogical qualification.

After her studies she became a trainer of non-formal education – she is leading trainings for target groups on different topics - e.g. conflict management, non-formal education, project management, team-building, presentation skills, personal development, etc. for companies, but also NGO´s working with young people.

The know-how of HorseDream® concept she combined with her over 13 years of experience with horses based on the principles of Natural Horsemanship, and with the methods and tools of non-formal education and experiential learning.

What she offers with her team via Horse Assisted Education:

Unique programs and workshops for the Personal Growth and Professional Development of individuals, managers, leaders and their teams

  • Horse Assisted Education  in the fields of Team-building, Leadership and Self-development.

  • Trainings & Coaching

  • Development of Communication & Emotional Intelligence

  • Development of Leadership and Managerial Skills

  • Horse Assisted Activities and Education for children, youngsters and adults with interactive programs

The mission of our Horse Assisted Education workshops is not to explain things to people, but to provide them the opportunity to understand and discover themselves.

In Horse Assisted Education the horses are used as co-facilitators and potential catalysts in the procedure of the human’s emotional growth and learning. 

HorseDream® is a powerful experience that unlocks your personal strengths and develops your leadership, team, and communication skills while increasing your awareness and stimulating your creativity. 

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