Licensed HorseDream Partner
Licensed 2013


Company: Horse Feedback
Name: Joanna Maria Borysiewicz-Gardeła
Country: Poland

Kluczewska 91 b
32-310 Chechlo

Phone: +48 791 208 068

E-mail: asia.borysiewicz@gmail.com
Website:  www.pracowniaszkoleniowa.pl
Blog: www.horsefeedback.pl



EAHAE Member 2010
Qualified 2010

EAHAE Annual Conference Attendance:

  2014      2015



“What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?” Mt 16,26

Going my Horse Assisted Education path I’m trying to remember this text. I hope horses can help you to find yourself. All the paths and themes in HAE like leadership, relations, teambuilding and self growing are going to the one point – finding ourselves, our souls, our awareness. Maybe it’s not good to say “point”. It’s rather the progress, process, the way.

I invite you to try to take some natural wisdom from being with horses. Whatever your experience is, you can take something for you, for your growing.

I’m passionat about horses and how horses can influence our life. I’ve been in horse-riding world untill I was a child. Since 2005 I've been engaged in promoting natural horsemanship in Poland and all these methods which are supposted to be good for horses, when rider is working on himself trying to be a better rider, better for a horse. Our Natural Horse Riding Society has been organized workshops of Silversand Horsemanship, Centered and Connected Riding, TTouch nad TTeam, dr Heuschmann clinic and others. All these teachers had influenced me. However Horse Assisted Education concept had changed me. Now I’m trying to heal my relations with people and entry the real horses world, not only riding world.