Company: Equina
Name: Ellen K. Hvidt

Hjøllundvej 27, Arnborg
DK-7400 Herning

Phone: + 4520168633
E-mail: ellen@equina.dk
Website: www.equina.dk


EAHAE Member 2006
Qualified 2008

EAHAE Annual
Conference Attendance

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  2009     2017  


A heard of Icelandic horses, beautiful nature and a cosy, relaxing atmosphere creates the perfect setting for our courses on Hegedalgaard.

In our work we use the ability of the horses to interpret body language, inner motivation and mental conviction for achieving increased consciousness of inner potential and line of action. The interaction with the horses gives the participants insight and experience-based learning on a very personal level, as the traits of our communication and patterns of behaviour typically will appear more clearly in this work. We support the individual to draw parallels from these experiences to a broader perspective of private life as well as job.

The participants will be able to de-stress with kind and well mannered horses. This brings the peace and closeness, which we need when working with our selves. Further, it helps focus on improving our personal leadership aiming towards a reliable, positive and constructive behaviour at work as well as private.

The work with the horses is primarily ground work. However, it will be possible to mount a horse too, and feel the mental unity and mutual trust.

On Hegedalgaard we offer courses in teambuilding, leadership, personal development and coaching, and we arrange activity days and individually designed events. For experienced horsemen as well as beginners there are also plenty of opportunities for horseback riding in the magnificent landscapes of northern Djursland.