Elisabeth de Saint Basile, France



Company: KANYO consulting
Name: Elisabeth de Saint Basile
Country: France

315 rue Claude Perroud
69400 Villefranche sur Saône

Phone: 00 33 (0)4 74 60 25 31
Mobile Phone: 00 33 (0)6 08 57 77 77

E-mail : e.stbasile@kanyoconsulting.co
Website : www.kanyoconsulting.com




A powerful method for developing your emotional and social intelligence

As a leader, you need to generate confidence and quickly motivate your collaborators. You have to make decisions in times of uncertainty, remain sure and flexible in your strategy, and rapidly adapt to new situations while remaining true to your vision. 

Ones rational intelligence has difficulties understanding today’s complex economical and social world.

Certain qualities are therefore essential: consistency, the capacity to work with others in a strong partnership, the ability to recognize the driving force and unique talents of team members and to use them wisely. To develop these qualities it is necessary to align your intentions, your empathy and your actions.

Horses are very gifted creatures as they are able to sense our ways of functioning, whether efficient or inefficient. Powerful and highly sensitive animals, they are capable of decoding in seconds the behavior of the person managing them: their emotions, the consistency of messages they relay, their intentions, their sensitivity – and thus the ability to be a good leader, the one who will drive the horse in a secure direction.

Our method is inspired upon ethological equitation (also known as the horse whisper’s method). It’s based more on comprehension and respect rather than fear and constraint. By using the horse’s immediate feedback, you will instantly be aware of the impact of your non-verbal communication (at least 75% of the communication used according to experts).

Learning through experience is such an incredible encounter: 1) first of all you feel the synergy between you and the horse, 2) you understand how certain reactions have been sparked and what changes should be made to obtain your desired results, 3) you obtain valuable insights regarding similar professional situations. 

By emerging your team in an unfamiliar setting, these seminars allow you to discover yourselves in a very authentic and personal way. We use various individual and teambuilding exercises involving the horses, which allow them to reflect the quality of your synergy.

Our programs :

  • individual coaching
  • team coaching
  • leadership seminars
  • personal development seminars

Our team

At least two coaches are involved; however depending on the group size other coaches may be associated.

Kanyo coaches are: Elisabeth de Saint Basile, coach and consultant, Jérôme Dumont, instructor and trainer specialized in equine ethology.

Our seminars do not require any horseback-riding skills.