Carmen Valenzuela, Spain


Company: Horsense Spain -
HorseDream España

Name: Carmen Valenzuela Rubia
Country: Spain

Horsense Spain
C/ Carballás 51
36945 Nerga-Hio Cangas de Morrazo (Pontevedra) Galicia

Mobile Phone: :+34 663170400
Email: carmen@horsense.es
Website: www.horsense.es


My name is Carmen Valenzuela, my training holds a law degree, master in tourism and governance expert, for over 20 years I have developed my career in public service and as a manager in companies, but one day, when I discovered horses I decided to start a new life.

I used to accompanied my children to ride in a conventional riding, after a year two horses came into our lives Bribón y Estrella and our lives changed, communication with my children improved and got to have a common language.

At the same time I discovered other tools as meditation and other therapies, and I start to practice to be present all time....One day I decided to take a winter sabbatical, during that time and trying to Bribón, I discovered my high level of stress and a lot tihing about me, I spent most of the day with horses and I took the decision that not only wanted to be my hobby but also integrate them into my professional life.

I discovered HorseDream through a Google ad and I decided in July 2011 to participate in a HorseDream Partner Licence Program in Germany, in November 2011 I decided to create the brand Horsense Spain as School for Personal Development, Leadership and Communication.

Now I'm offering seminars in Madrid and Andalusia areas.
Once per year I travel to Latin America to expand HorseDream concept in Spanish language.