Equine AHA! Experience - Welcome to a New World of Learning!

7th Annual EAHAE Conference
6th-9th September 2011 in Hamburg, Germany



Conference Documentation:

Conference pictures
Slideshow on YouTube by Catherine and Koen, Mexico
Video  of the conference horse session: The four elements of leadership
Pictures of the post-conference HAE coaching seminar

Conference programme
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EAHAE 7th Annual Conference 2011 Hamburg
Location video

Organizers and Hosts:

G&K HorseDream GmbH


Koen Van Landeghem, Mexico

Hola from Mexico! Catherine and I just got back from our Europe trip. We learned a lot from all of you, and want to thank the organizers and everyone involved for making the conference a success. We´d also like to send a special thanks to all those who sacrificed their coffee break for our video interviews. It will take us a while to edit the video, but we will be sending it to the EAHAE office when it is ready.  It was great to have met all of you, and whenever anyone makes it over here Tequila will be on us.  

Elisabeth de Saint Basile, France

A big thank you to all the organizers who made this conference possible.

Dr. Barbara Gorsler, Switzerland

It was a great pleasure for me to meet you all in Hamburg. First of all big thanks to the organizing team – very professional: great location, good structured program and enough space for social exchange. What I take home foremost is that fantastic EAHAE spirit … inspiring, very connected and passionate…. Let’s work in our daily horse and people work in this spirit… 

Melba Schertler, Germany

Special thanks to the team who organized the EAHAE this year – you did an amazing job!

I was inspired by the presentations and the World Café exercise, enjoyed making new friends and meeting old ones,

valued the work with the horses and the welcoming atmosphere of the conference.

I found Margrit Coats’ presentation outstanding and I will be welcoming her to Sth. Germany

May 20-21, 2012. She’ll be doing a 2-day program at my location.  All are welcome!

Annie Larner, United Kingdom

I want to tell you what a great time I had at the conference ! it was so good to be with like-minds and we had a lot of fun !

I have not stopped thinking of all the excellent speakers and the stimulating new friends I met too. We have an expression - it blew my mind ............

I am absorbing now and very energised, everything was lovely and I' m already to go next year - Guess which element I am ?

so a very big thank you

Martine D., Tenerife

It was so great to be with you and to feel connected ! 

so difficult to 'disconnect' from your wonderful company.

Petra Derenbach, Germany

Zuerst noch einmal vielen Dank für die Ausrichtung dieser tollen Konferenz. Kein einziger langweiliger Vortrag, im Gegenteil: sehr wichtige, informative und auch emotionale Vorträge und eine herzliche Atmosphäre.

Ich übersende anliegend die Summary, die ich als Table Host für den Topic 4 aus meinen Notizen gefertigt habe zur weiteren Verwendung.

Carolyn Dahl, France

No words enough to say how great these 3 days were! I have already attended a lot of conferences and congresses in my life but nothing like this one. So another thanks to you, Karin and your team and looking forward seeing you again.sweden


Dr.Dr. Fritz Hendrich, Austria

Soeben habe ich meinen Frühstückskaffee aus dem schönen roten Hamburg-Becher getrunken. Vielen Dank nicht nur für diesen, sondern überhaupt für Euren Einsatz, mit dem Ihr die drei Tage gestaltet habt - und vor allem den elementaren Nachmittag. Je öfter ich diesen in Gedanken wieder an mir vorbei ziehen lasse, umso stärker wirkt dieser Workshop auf mich:

Die vier Elemente meditativ auf sich wirken zu lassen und in sich zu spüren, ist sicher mit kleineren Gruppen und mehr Zeit wesentlich intensiver, war aber auch so schon sehr schön.

Bei dem Test, den ich für mein Buch eher spielerisch gestaltet hatte und der freilich keine wissenschaftlichen Testansprüche erfüllt (vor allem durch seine Durchschaubarkeit - aber wer sich selbst betrügen will, ist halt auch selber schuld) hat mich wieder überrascht, wie treffsicher er trotzdem ist.

Margrit Coates, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for the wonderful conferance, it was truly great. Good organisation, fabulous food and a wonderful venue. I met such lovely people too.

Petra Buchholz,

Die Conference war sehr interessant und motivierend und informierend für mich, schön dich und alle in so angenehm familiärer (verbunden) Atmosphäre zu treffen und zu networken.


Hamburg 7th Annual EAHAE Conference
Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg Airport


EAHAE 7th Annual Conference 2011 Hamburg 

Equine AHA! Experience - Welcome to a New World of Learning!

7th Annual EAHAE Conference
6th-9th September 2011 in Hamburg, Germany


Gut Schönau
Schönauer Weg 22
21465 Reinbek

Download Flyer (German)

Map with conference venue, hotels, airport and train station.

12-13 September 2011

Post-Conference Workshop at Gut Klein Nienhagen
HAE Coaching Concepts
Work with one horse and one client.
David Harris, United Kingdom & Gerhard J. Krebs, Germany

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David Harris is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach. David is also a life learner in congruent horsemanship. He lives in Windsor, England, with his wife, two children and four horses. He is passionate about people and their amazing potential.
David says “We are all stars, sometimes we need to learn to shine”. He is the founder of Acorns2Oaks (A2O) together with his wife Sharon. The vision of A2O is for its clients to experience “Success on Your Terms”, whatever success is.

Gerhard Krebs, born  1949, holds a university degree M.A. in  contemporary German  Literature and Political  Science. He is working  as an entrepreneur  since 1983, started IT-Trainings in 1986 and founded G&K HorseDream GmbH together with his wife Karin in 1996. They both started on the seminar market with horse assisted leadership seminars and team trainings with the horse as medium and catalyst in 1998 .



Conference Schedule
6-9 September 2011

th September

18:00 - 21:00  

Welcome Party

7th September

1st Conference Day

09:30 - 13:00

Conference Welcome


 "A journey that leads to the place where you begin..."

Koen Van Landeghem, Mexico

 "Horse Assisted Education as a part of longer development programs in organizations" (client expectations, participants insights, synergy effects).
Agata Wiatrowska, Poland

"Mental attitude of the horse in relation to his physical condition"
Dr. Jean-Louis Stauffer, Switzerland

13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 18:00

Discussion: World Café 

See how it works:


  • New HAE business: What works best?
  • How to market our business? Experiences, what works, what doesn't?
  • HAE pricing: experiences, references, examples?
  • Selection of HAE horses: character, breed, gender,
    standard of education, age?
  • HAE exercises (continuing the "Bank of Exercises" document of the Warsaw conference): experiences, outcomes, risks, chances?
  • Horse Assisted Educator out of the comfort zone
    (experience exchange, difficult situations, lessons learnt)
  • Horse Assisted Education in big corporations (what kinds of needs does HAE  address, what kind of projects are done mostly)
  • Buying process of Horse Assisted Education seminars in corporations  (What is the process? Individualized offer, telephone, meeting?)
  • The EAHAE profile. How do we represent EAHAE to the outside world?
  • The 2012 HAE Congress: How do reorient/refocus our future EAHAE conferences creating a shared value for both members and HAE clients?

8th September

 2nd Conference Day (HR-Day)

09:30 - 12:00 


"Horse Assisted Education in Science"
An open interview with Franziska Bogner by Verena Neuse

"The Four Energies of Leadership"
DDr. Fritz Hendrich, Austria:
Consultant, trainer and coach.

Fritz Hendrich is author of

         Fritz Hendrich - Ètyøi elementy v profesním ¾ivotì, kniha
Horse Sense       Four Energies     Arabic                 Czech
                            Korean               of Leadership


13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 17:00 

Horse work
Practical Examples and Hands-on Exercises

17:00 - 18:00 

"A client perspective of HAE leadership-training.
Why with horses? Benefits? Changes?"
Gero Seidler (Managing Director)
Hannover Aviation Ground Services GmbH



9th September

3rd Conference Day

09:30 - 13:00


“Be a leader worth following” 
Kerstin Weibull Lundberg, Sweden

"Horses and Stories, a Combination of Ancient Healing Energies"
Jacolijne Coops, The Netherlands

" Healing for the Healing Horse"
Margrit Coates, United Kingdom
The World's Leading Horse Healer and Renowned Horse Communicator

Author of

                            Healing for
                            Horses German

13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 16:00

"International Development of EAHAE"
Gerhard Krebs, Germany &
David Harris, United Kingdom



Conference attendees:

Gerhard Krebs, Germany
Karin Krebs, Germany
Bettina Städter, Germany
Verena Neuse, Germany
David Harris, United Kingdom
Sharon Harris, United Kingdom
Steffen Krebs, Germany
Agata Wiatrowska, Poland
Adam Wi¶niewski, Poland
Christine Schöneberg, Germany
Annemieken Van Reepingen, Belgium
Martine D'Haeseleer, Spain (Tenerife)
Christine de Jong, Austria
Anja Schröer, Germany
Melba Schertler, Germany
Madeleine Moore, United Kingdom
Annie Larner, United Kingdom
Gesine Bohm, Germany
Petra Derenbach, Germany
Monique Miserez, France
Elisabeth de Saint Basile, France
Carolyn Dahl, France
Nette Schultz, Denmark
Koen Van Landeghem, Mexico
Catherine Shih, Mexico
Kerstin Weibull Lundberg, Sweden
Ann-Britt Andersson, Sweden
Renáta Foldynová, Czech Republic
Jacolijne Coops, The Netherlands
Beate Gröchenig, Germany
Beate Haussmann, Germany
Julia Felton, England
Beate Blankenburg, Germany
Florian Koch, Germany
Michael Weiß, Germany
Jill Wheeler, United Kingdom
Katy Parkinson, United Kingdom
Petra Buchholz, Germany
Nina Brunstedt, Sweden
Mats Brunstedt, Sweden
Ilona Poplawska, Poland
Dr. Jean-Louis Stauffer, Switzerland
Hele Aluste, Estonia
Bärbel Drave, Germany
Dr. Barbara Gorsler, Switzerland
Susan Wilson, Canada
Maxi Bauermeister, Germany


Conference Speakers:

Agata Wiatrowska, Poland
David Harris, United Kingdom
Dr.Dr. Fritz Hendrich, Austria
Gerhard Krebs, Germany
Gero Seidler, Germany
Jacolijne Coops, The Netherlands
Koen Van Landeghem, Mexico
Dr. Jean-Louis Stauffer, Switzerland
Margrit Coates, United Kingdom
Verena Neuse & Franziska Bogner, Germany
Kerstin Weibull Lundberg, Sweden

Conference Moderator:

Gesine Bohm, Germany

Conference Info-Point:

Karin Krebs, Germany
Melba Schertler, Germany
Steffen Krebs, Germany