2008 Conference Feedback

Gerhard & Karin Krebs, Germany

Dear Agata and Kasia,
hello to all of you,

We want to say thank you again! Agata and Kasia, you and your whole team did a really great job! For Karin and me, it was the best conference of all the four.

The very best thing was, to have the horses back again in the programme!
The second best was the atmosphere, especially on Saturday evening.

Of course, two days can not give enough time to discuss everything. Thus we recommend to use the time between the conferences to talk about all the issues which can help us to bring Horse Assisted Education further into the market, and then find ways to do it.

There is an internal forum on https://www.xing.com/net/eahae/ and there are two open forums on

https://www.xing.com/net/horseassistededucation/ and https://www.ecademy.com/module.php?mod=club&c=5340

We hope to meet you again at the 5th annual conference 2009, September 11-13 in Germany.

All the best to everyone and
warm regards

Gerhard & Karin

PS: We'll answer the questions, which have been left on Sunday afternoon, in the next days via E-mail and then we'll put a summary into the newsletter and the internal forum.

PPS: Please, send your best photos, you took at the conference, to steffen.krebs@horsedream.net.

Lindsay Shea, USA


It is I who THANK YOU for a most amazing and exciting conference – and it was my first!!!!  I loved meeting these amazing people and got very chocked up and emotional seeing photos and videos of the horses and the work.  How beautiful.


Wanda Lee-Jones, France


sorry I din't get the chance to say good-bye to you both, had a super week-end, found everybody so nice and interesting!!
I really felt that you got a lot of respect for your horses and that so nice to see, best of luck for the futur, you are lovely people!!

xxxxxx Wanda

David Harris, England

Kasia, Agata, Gerhard and Karin,

I wanted to write and thank you all for the wonderful conference; the organisation, facilities and atmosphere was really wonderful. I can only imagine how much hard work it is to organise such a conference and wanted to let you know you did an amazing job.

Please also thank all your volunteers who contributed to this wonderful event.

Once again thank you all

David Harris

Alison Noble, Scotland

Hi Katarzyna and Agata,

Thank you for organising a brilliant conference. I really enjoyed it. The facilities were superb, the horses were wonderful and the food and drink were great.
You must have worked really hard to make everything work so well.
I was inspired by the event and have returned to Scotland very enthusiastic about the future for Evolutionary training.
thanks again,

Alison Noble
Evolutionary Training

Melba Schertler, Germany

My Dear Agata and Kasia,

First of all congratulations on a fantastic conference!!!

You and your team did an excellent job of

· organizing a really professional conference
· including new ideas/items, e.g. posters, people at tables
· making the horses the focal point
· only allowing very inspiring presentations (especially José Carlos's)
· making each and everyone feel welcome and included

YES you did it and we are all SO thankful.

For me it was the best conference yet.

I hope you can take a few days off to recuperate!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you again at Gerhard's next year.

By the way, if you ever have anything you would like checked, that is in English, I would be very happy to do so (gratis of course!)

BIG hugs

Love & Sunshine your way,

Michaela Schuhmacher, Germany

Hello Agata and Kasia,

thanks again for a wonderful conference. I'm thinking of you as I know your busy with the "train the trainer" seminar. I had a wonderful time and I thank you and your team for a great organization, that you took care of everything and always where there - well everything was perfect.

Best wishes to all of you.

Jacolijne Coops, Netherlands

Dear Agata and Kasia,

First of all I would like to thank you again for the well organized conference last weekend. I returned home full of inspiration, ideas, new and renewed contacts. And as you might recognize, it feels a little bit empty after sharing 3 days in such good company.

As Gerhard kindly asked us, I will provide you with some of my feedback. Some notes that I made yesterday evening when I reviewed the past days.

What went well:

First of all, your flexibility and the flexibility in the program. It was marvelous how you managed to finish still in time for the dinner even though some presentations took longer etc.

Second, the accommodation and the food, this was perfect (also budget wise). I really enjoyed the good food and the snacks and drinks during the day. It was good quality and also healthy.

Third, I enjoyed doing (and facilitating) the exercises with the horses and especially the discussion afterwards.

For next time it would be even better:

a. to work in two groups (60 in one group is from my perspective a little too much)

b. to do the discussion about the exercise directly after finishing it. In addition to that, I do not think we need a plenary discussion after working in the sub-groups. We could consolidate the feedback and add it to the bank of exercises (a very good initiative that I fully support!).

c. to let participants sign a safety agreement before working with the horses (or maybe you did arrange this in a different way?).

d. to extend the introduction. I realized myself that I could have proposed to do an introduction in the Barbara Rector style (…my name is …and I agree to be responsible for myself today, and thus contribute to the safety of the group..) and maybe a centering exercise.

Fourth, the fair was perfect, keep it on the program as it allows people to present themselves, it facilitates networking and it helps to share best practices.

For next time it would be even better to plan it at the end. To close the formal part of the conference and do the fair as more informal. This also fits with people who have to leave early, they can do so in a smooth way..

Some not very important things that I personally would suggest:

1. Bring all speakers and facilitators of the conference together on the Friday afternoon for maybe one hour for a short briefing, to align and do a technical check

2. Introduce a little ritual, like some kind of opening ceremony on Friday evening, for those who want to join. In the Californian conference they had a closing ceremony with a didgeridoo (see Wikipedia for further info) and I remember that as very moving… This can also be a closing ceremony…or in between..

3. Have someone who presents / introduces the speakers and connects / summarizes their stories / contributions and facilitates the question-rounds.

In case you have any questions or things are not clear, please let me know.

I wish you both a good and well deserved rest after this hard work. Hope to see you both soon,

Warm regards,

Bettina Städter, Germany

Dear Kasia and Agata,

Thank YOU so much for all your efforts, patient and well organisation.
It was a pleisure to be part of.
I appreciate that everything was well organized, the location and our

Best regards

Angela Henke, Germany

Dear Kasia and Dear Agata,

this was the best conference ever, Thank you so much.
I enjoyed everything, the  colleagues, your hospitality, the wonderful venue
and especially the exercises.
Thank you so much again and lots of wonderful clients for your horse

Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Meilleures Salutations
Kind regards

Angela Henke

Martina Schumacher, Germany

Dear Agata and Kasia and the other helpful persons, who made the conference great,

you have really made a gooood job, girls and boys. Hope You enjoyed it too.

Thanks and very kind and warm regards

Martina Schumacher

Ilka Hempel, Germany

Liebe Kasia, Liebe Agata,

vielen Dank für das Foto, was wirklich toll geworden ist!

Und noch mal ganz lieben Dank für die herzliche Rundum-Betreuung, die nicht besser hätte sein können.

Ich habe mich unendlich wohl gefühlt und bin sehr dankbar, dass ihr alle das so toll organisiert habt.

Wir sehen uns sicher im nächsten Jahr wieder, ich freue mich darauf.

Ganz herzliche Grüße


Lee Watson Hall, Scotland

Hi Agata and Kasia,

Since returning home from the conference then the training, things have been hectic but I needed to take the time to say thank you to both of you for the wonderful experience of attending both the conference and the training.

As a new member I was struck by the warmth of welcome which was extended to us. Even although Arthur was not attending the conference he was made feel very welcome, this really mattered to me as I try to involve him in the horse world.

Everything at the conference ran most impressively, speakers were interesting, interaction with the horses was great, everyone was so friendly. The location and accommodation was brilliant, even if I did eat way too much, I enjoyed it all.

Thank you both so much for making our first visit to Poland such an happy one.

Lee and Arthur

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