Petra Buchholz, Germany

Company: PAREQUUS Excellence in Leadership
Name: Petra Buchholz
Country: Germany

Address Office
Platzerweg 3
D-56355 Bettendorf
Loreley Region, UNESCO Worldheritage “Rhine Gorge”

Mobile Phone: +49 (0) 176 100 50 846
E-mail: info@parequus.de

Website: www.parequus.de 



PAREQUUS: EQ Excellence in Leadership for Global and National Companies.
Red Hot Issues Leadership Coaching with Horses and NLP

Unite your board of managers from around the world in our Development Program.
Participants align at ease in the eye of an astounding learning adventure.
It is a unique approach to practically train and balance your EQ skills!

Out of the classroom! Go agile Out-Of-Box and get results!
Horses have a mind set of sensitivity that you will witness as an indicator of trust, clear communication, successful leading and aligning.

Choose where to place your Event. We will customize it in topic, size and time:

  • GERMANY, PAREQUUS home in romantic Loreley Region,
    UNESCO World Heritage „ Rhine Gorge“

  • INTERNATIONAL available in the EAHAE Network in cooperation with Members on five continents.

The EAHAE Network is working with one unique concept that has matured for 22 years, THE HorseDream Approach!

As a certified NLP Coach I am specialized in appreciative Coaching to support your in-depth learning and developing. I am an intercultural expert traveling worldwide for over 30 years. I focus on excellence in leadership and am skilled to lead constantly changing teams.
Horses led me to understand their immense value for personal and corporate development.

CEO’s statements on working with the horses and me : „That was life-changing!“ and „It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!“

Naturally intelligent with Horses and NLP!