EAHAE Lifetime Member
Nadja Talpaert, Belgium

Company: Notice the Difference!
Name: Nadja Talpaert
Country: Belgium

Over de Beek 49
1840 Steenhuffel

Mobile Phone: +32 494 561 806
E-mail: nadja@noticethedifference.be 
Websites: www.noticethedifference.be 
and www.komteenpaardindeboardroom.be



One of my strongest beliefs is that every passing moment holds the opportunity to make a change in your live and that everyone has the key within to do so. Sometimes however you might benefit from a professional challenger who nails down and accelerates the tipping point.

Since the establishment of Notice the Difference! in 2010, I am dedicated to coaching managerial and executive clients on being a true and authentic leader and facilitating their transformation within. My own professional background, both in business and HR, allows me to dance with the client easily in a variety of business environments and issues.

I have always been fascinated by horses and in different stages in life felt attracted to working with them. Only a couple of years ago it seemed to all come together as I found my calling to connect both my passion for horses and my passion for coaching. Working with horses in coaching allows to deepen the connection with clients on a non-spoken level in order to invite what wants to be uncovered, unfold new insights, awake a strength that has always been and see how things evolve from there.

I am a Master Certified Coach (ICF) with over 25 years of experience in executive and business coaching. I hold a degree in communication and in business economics, a master in neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and I am certified in Stress & Burn-out Coaching, Team coaching, Applied Neuroscience, Systemic Horse Coaching and Coaching Skills through the Wisdom of the Horse (KIVIK).



Nadja published together with Dr. Annemieken Van Reepingen the book ‘Komt een paard in de boardroom’ – what horses can tell about, Lannoo Campus, 2020.