Company: Waves Training Solutions
Name: Louise Whiting
Country: UK

Scotland Lodge Farm
Winterbourne Stoke
Salisbury SP34TF

Mobile Phone:07747847763
E-mail: lou@wavestrainingsolutions.co.uk
Website: https://www.waves-leadership.com


  EAHAE Member 2017
  Qualified 2017

  EAHAE Annual


Facilitator – Lou Whiting

Lou founded Waves in 2012 and has shaped the growth of the company to focus on the development of high performing individuals and teams.  Qualified in Horse Assisted Education, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and Everything DiSC, she has developed her facilitation approach around the development of authenticity and vulnerability. Supporting people to understand themselves, understand others and use this knowledge to create better working environments and relationships.  Lou applies these skills within teams she is forming for projects or individuals and teams on a development pathway.

Having ridden from the age of 9, Lou’s love of horses and equestrian activities has endured, even taking her horse to Sandhurst for a year during Army Officer Training and on subsequent postings. Whilst in the challenging environment of the military, the time spent with horses provided an opportunity for Lou to be authentic, to take off the masks she was wearing and to simply be herself with the horse. The horse was not influenced by rank or status, but by energy, beliefs and behaviours. The environment the horse creates supports accelerated learning, enabling people to become more self-aware of their anxieties and fears, within a leadership context.

Lou has delivered Horse Assisted Education to corporate, military and charity personnel across management levels, formed teams and on a one to one coaching basis. Her wider profiling skills support deeper levels of learning and her passion for professional development is evident through membership of the EAHAE, which provides her access to a globally connected network.