13th Annual EAHAE International Conference
6-8 October 2017, Lajosmizse/Hungary


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Motto: "HORSPECTIVES. Integrate All Your Inspirations"



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Conference organizer and host:
Gábor Suhai, EQ-Skill


Presenters and presentations 

Annemieken van Reepingen (Belgium), Anja Schröer & Heike Andreschak (Germany)
Diversity, horses and health in organizations.

Lynn Jenkin (Australia)
Igniting leadership - a transformative leadership experience with horses.

Jude Jennison (United Kingdom)
The business of horses.

Gábor Suhai (Hungary)
Shy boys.

Agata Wiatrowska (Poland)
Increasing self-awareness in front of the horse.

Olga Platonova (Russia)
Horse agility - a key to agile business in times of change.

Nikki L. Kagan (Israel)
Giving voice through choice: Letting go.

Christine Hall (Australia)
Metaphors and horses

Download or watch presentations (EAHAE members only)




Verena Neuse (Germany)

Diese Konferenz war wirklich rundum gelungen! Schöne Location, top organisiert, relevante Vorträge mit vielen Impulsen, spannende Live-Arbeit mit den Pferden, viel Austausch mit den anderen Teilnehmern, tolles Rahmenprogramm. 10 von 10 Punkten!

Jude Jennison (UK)

An outstanding conference of international connections, sharing of ideas and learning together.

Melba Schertler (Germany)

For me, this was one of the most memorable conferences! A smaller conference meant that everyone got to do more of the practical exercises. Presentations were very helpful & talking to the Herd was inspiring. Gábor & his Blue Angels did an amazing job of supporting us all. Absolutely loved the theatre group's work on Sat. night!

Soma Suhai-Hodász (Hungary)

It was my distinct pleasure to take part in organising the Conference and experiencing it first hand. Never have I ever been involved in an event like this, therefore I can say without hesitation, I loved every minute of it: the new people, the sharing, the horses, the intimacy, the Improvisation Theatre and even all the little bumps 'along the ride'. I think all of these things, and much more that I simply don't have time to list here, have made the Conference whole. So thank you everyone and hopefully see you all next year in Germany! Love, Soma

Bianka Bakanek (Hungary)

I was touched personally, but I think it was a really inspiring, extraordinary and friendly little conference. I got a lot out of it!

Nikki L. Kagan (Israel)

An uniquely wonderful environment of intimacy, inspiration, collaboration, sharing and learning best describes the 2017 conference in Hungary. 2.5 days characterized by a constant flow of ideas, a platform for anyone and everyone to express their thoughts--a true learning and bonding experience. I forged relationships in two days deeper and stronger than many formed in years of attendance, and those relationships resulted in an openness and sharing unparalleled by other conferences. A wonderful balance of classroom presentations and experiential learning with horses. Truly a conference I will not quickly forget! Thank you, Gábor and Gerhard for a phenomenal weekend...

Riddhima Kowley (UK)

This was my first conference and it felt like I've been here before. Felt like coming back to a tribe and a herd that I have known. The horses and people were beautiful. I learned a lot, made some precious friends and left there inspired! The organizing team - EQ Skill - were fantastic. Their hospitality and our very endearing "family-cameraman" have been key factors in making the gathering so special!

Sylvia Persson (Sweden)

Great! Great is the word that sum up the whole conference for me. The community is great. Gárbor and his team made a great job! We had a great time, great learnings, great laughs. It make us great professionals until next time. It made me feel great. This is the way it should be! Thank you all!

Lou Whiting (UK)

As a new member this was my first conference and it met all expectations. Great people, I loved the diversity of the group and the international feel. Great workshops and discussions. I now feel part of a group who all have a shared common belief in the work we do and who are all committed to growing it together.

Ellen Hvidt (Denmark)

A really nice conference. Schedule kept good in the beginning, but later it slipped a little, so focus on that, I would say. Good with all the workshops with horses.

Petra Buchholz (Germany)

What a warm welcome into the herd.
I was greatly inspired by the as intense as joyous get-together of extremely experienced and highly motivated members.
Collaboration and research put into practical workshops, we explored the clients perspectives in depth. My personal 1-2-1 journey in the practical experience with gorgeous Sultan was fundamental to me.
I enjoyed the profound heartfelt exchange and the diverse network as a strong platform to cooperate internationally. Living the message and bringing it into the world for balance, health and inner wealth. We all holding in high appreciation the key position of the horse, a beacon for the human-horse and human-human interaction.
I am an enthusiastic easy traveler and I am thrilled to collaborate and spent more precious time with you all.


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