12th Annual EAHAE International Conference
14-16 October 2016, California/USA


Motto: "Expand The Vision"

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Organizers and hosts:
Alyssa Aubrey & Gaby Fabian

Presenters and presentations 

Annemieken van Reepingen (Belgium) and Anja Schröer (Germany) "GO! Why Companies Will Invest in a Healthy Organzation"

Barbara Rector and Gaby Fabian (USA)
"The Equine Guide to the Four Agreements"

David Harris (United Kingdom)
"The Future of Organisations"

Gábor Suhai (Hungary
) "Integrative Picadero - The Magical Place Where Ethology, Leadership, Science and Coaching Meet"

Jackie Stevenson (USA)
"Entering the Culture of Horse and Herd"

Jesvir Mahil
(United Kingdom) "Create a Cultural Transformation Through Your Equine Assisted Creativity"

Jude Jennison and Emma Taylor (United Kigdom)
"Networking with Horses"

June Gunter (USA)
"Working with Horses to Develop Shared Leadership" and "Matching Pace to Maximize Learning: The Rhythm and Timing of Equine Guided Education for Executives"

Kerri Lake (USA)
"Being Human with a Horse"

Linda Ann Bowling (Canada)
"The Dance of Leadership"

Lisa Murrell (USA)
"Coaching Mastery through Equine Alchemy"

Lisa Walter, Ann Alden and Dr. Ann Baldwin (USA)
"Grooming or Sensing a Horse's Biofield: How Do They Affect Heart Rhythm Patterns of Horses and Humans?"

Lynn Baskfield (USA)
"Renewing Life with Horses"

Nancy Waite O'Brien (USA)
"Horses, Drugs and Rock and Roll, How Horses Assist Humans in Recovery from Addiction".

Nikki Kagan (Israel)
"Embracing the Softer Side of Leadership"

Robin Miles and Saara Robles (USA)

Shannon Presson (USA)
"Expanding Your Vision Through the Power of Story"

Vicky Cottle USA)
"The Intersection of Epona Practices and Somatic Experiencing: How the horse's response to the client's somatic presentation invites the opportunities for healing"




Alita Buzel (USA)

Finally caught up with myself after conference! Wanted to tell you how wonderful the experience was, how much I Iearned and how terrific the people were with whom I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing experiences and hopes. The conference was obviously created with a lot of work and passion. And deeply appreciated!

Julia Felton (UK)

Just a quick thank you for arranging such a great conference. It is a testament to you and the team that you pulled off such a fab event.

Jesvir Mahil (UK)

Hi Alyssa! I am in Paris waiting for a flight back home. Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the conference. It was a wonderful experience and it is a great example of how wealth is created through enabling new connections to form.

Barbara K Rector (USA)

Thanks to Alyssa and Gaby for such rich dose of Heart Soul - best sort of Heart family love that included awesome learning.

Anja Schröer (Germany)

When being at the Conference the thought came up very strongly again how proud and happy I am to be part of this group! Thank you and your team for the organization of the event, as a speaker I felt included and valued right from the beginning! For me it is also a big achievement which was on the agenda for this year: to show myself and speak at an international conference! Hope to see you in Hungary.

Vickie Cottle (USA)

I felt a shift from long years past, at least among the conference participants, somehow, as if competitiveness had finally moved to collaboration.

Gábor Suhai (Hungary)

I would like to say thanksalot for the marvellous 3 days in Novato!
It was a really great experience for me to meet the knowledge and spirit and also the lot of work behind in organization – you have set the standards very high for next year host!

Jackie Lowe Stevenson (USA)

Deep gratitude for the wonderful conference you organized and delivered.
A wonderful spirit and contribution to honoring the horses and the learning we do with them.

Jude Jennison (UK)

Firstly a massive thank you to you for hosting the conference and bringing together such a wonderful team who made everything run so smoothly. It really was the best run EAHAE conference I’ve been to and I’m grateful to you and the team for your care and attention to everything. Also your herd were lovely and a testament to how you are with them too.

Julio Rodrigo De Villasante (Mexico)




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