11th Annual EAHAE International Conference
2-4 October 2015, Germany




Motto: "Organization Development With Horses"

Leadership seminars, team training and coaching for cultural change in business

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Organizers and hosts:
G&K HorseDream GmbH
(Karin & Gerhard, Sarah & Steffen Krebs, Germany)

Conference hotel: Hotel Sonneck Rengshausen
Horse facility: ZEIDLERHOF Oberbeisheim




Evgeniya Goncharova, Kazakhstan

It was a lovely autumn 2015. And it was my first EAHAE Conference. To say “I was amazed” is to say nothing. Apart from perfect organizational moments, beautiful hotel and delicious meals there were people. I met a lot of new people. Each and every one of them was so unique and interesting! And these people were sharing their knowledge, giving the best they can to our world and the society the best way they can. During two weeks I spent in Knüllwald, I experienced incredible amount of emotions, insights and thoughts into real world without masks. It is a great pleasure and blessing to be a part of something which can help the best of our world to survive and blossom for the future generations. This something is HorseDream and EAHAE. Connecting people all over the world, so different, so complex and though so similar in our desire to help others to become better leaders: more loving, caring, trusting and responsible not only in corporate life, but on a daily basis.
Thank you, Gerhard, Karin, Steffen and Sarah for your hospitality and love!
Special thanks to our teachers: Durk, Goody, Lotte, Mona, Benny, Jackson and Artax!

Carmen Valenzuela, Spain

This Conference in Germany has been very special, It was my first time as speaker in an EAHAE Conference and I have overcome obstacles and barriers but I have achieved my goal. The Conference in Poland inspired me and this year I was interested in sharing my story and my experience as HorseDream España. I'm convinced about cooperation and I felt this energy at this Conference. I found that people from over the wold were connected and interested in each other, in knowing more about new ways, new HAE exercises. 
An interesting door was opened offering seminars and activities together and wherever, cooperating in researching and in exchanging information about clients, methodologies and know how.  
For next Conference I would like to propose a different structure for speeches: an inaugural speech or more but also panels expert about experiences in financial support, research, new products, and to invite Fred Kofman even in a video conference, to invite TV, newspaper, and social media in direct...etc.
Thank you very much to Gerhard, Karin, HorseDream and EAHAE team for the organisation, being together at the same place was interesting for sharing more and more, thank you to everybody for your openess and talents.
See you at next Conference in California or maybe before in Spain or everywhere...


Stanisław Kordasiewicz, Poland

Every end is a new beginning. Thank you for all presentations, discussions, experiences and inspirations. Many doors were opened during the last three days (on appreciative inquiry, creativity, future leadership, business plans, wellbeing of horses and humans). One of them was green.


David Harris, UK

We had a wonderful time reconnecting with friends and finding new ones, hope to see you next year. David and Sharon.


Agata Wiatrowska, Poland

With gratitude to all EAHAE members. Thank you for your time, passion and readiness to lead as well through challenges.


Emma Taylor, UK

Wow. Struggling for words for what an amazing time we had at the Conference, so much learning, sharing, love and laughter, a real honour and privilege to be a part of the energy and connections created. Deepest thanks to you both for what you have created.


Heike Andreschak, Germany

Looking forward to seeing you again next year!!!!


Jude Jennison, UK

Another fantastic EAHAE conference and thanks everyone for connecting and sharing and inspiring.
To my US friends, I missed you but you were there in spirit. Hope to see you all next year in California.


Friederike Anslinger-Wolf, Germany

The EAHAE conference 2015 in Knüllwald, Germany has been very inspiring and at the same time challenging to me. It was great having met people I already know and also to remake new relationships. I had the chance to discuss what I do in my HAE trainings and to learn how others are doing. I had the chance to change perspective because of this intercultural mix of doing things and I had a lot of fun! In addition, I had the a great moment stepping out my comfort zone when presenting my view about a "Perfect Facility of Horse Assisted Education" for three reasons:
1) I Never did a presentation in English about HAE!
2) My personal computer stopped working one day before the conference - no prepared data available anymore!
3) I created a 5 min presentation by showing pictures I drew myself the night before!
What happened to me? I found myself being in a flow, I never felt before when presenting my own findings. I realized afterwards that this was only possible because of the learnings I got by interacting with horses:
1) trusting my myself and trusting the people sitting in front of me, even if I feel really uncomfortable,
2) being grounded and connected with myself, the audience or interacting people and the system we live in,
3) being present in the here and know and go for it, even it feels like a personal Armageddon.
Thank you for the great learnings that I've got from all the participants. Be it because of their really inspiring presentations, their sharing of knowledge or inter-personal discussion. Thank you to Gerhard's family for having organized this inspiring international HAE conference in 2015.


Kim Burzan, Germany

It was a very inspiring conference and I arrived back home highly motivated, with great new ideas. See you in California for sure!




Pictures © 2015 by: Charlotte B. Venema


Pictures © 2015 by: Lynn Jenkin