10th Annual EAHAE International Conference
19-21 September 2014, Poland




Motto: "Leadership with the heart"

Horse Assisted Education in corporate and personal development

Main themes:

Collective wisdom

Visit the HorseLand "Free horses"

Leadership & Horse Assisted Education

Speakers and facilitators including,: Gerhard Krebs (Germany), Susan Wilson (Canada), Stéphane Wattinne (France), Rob Pliskin (USA), Steffi Egger (Austria), Nikki Kagan (Israel), Lynn Jenkin (Australia) and more.

Experiences with horse at Berenika Bratny's Ranch in Radzie with unique herd of free-ranging horses  (www.wolnekonie.org/index_en.html)

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Organizers and hosts:

HorseSense Poland (Agata Wiatrowska, Poland)
HorseDream (Karin & Gerhard Krebs, Germany)


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Stanisław Kordasiewicz, Poland:
Agata, I was thinking for some time (long?) how to express my thoughts, feelings and gratitude after the unique experience at the conference.
Yesterday I made my first horse drawing and I feel this is the right way to say: thank you. Please bring my best wishes also to Berenika and her horses and to your Team. It was a pleasure to be there, with all of you. Hope we will see us again.

Rob Pliskin, USA:
It is so hard to describe the positive feeling I get from being at this year’s EAHAE Conference. It is like waking up on a winter day with a good fire going, a fire I carry with me all day long that is warm and alive. It really is a physical feeling, and a motivating one. The presentations and the horses continue to lead me further in my learning. The time spent with so many of you other participants inspires me to stay connected, and to stay with the work. It has expanded my view of the world as a home where we all live and can share our worth. I just wish it wasn’t so big, and you all weren’t so far away! Thank you Agata and your team, and Berenika and the people and horses of Wolne Konie, for hosting us! Didn’t I say the experience is hard to describe? It is — beyond words!

Miranda Boland, Netherlands
It was my first time joining the hae network. I have real warm feelings remembering our Poland journey, being at Wolne Konie, sharing knowledge and experiences. And still all the sharing is going on, keeping the spirit alive. Agata Wiatrowska and Gerhard J. Krebs, special regards for you both!

Lindsey Whitelaw, England:
Thank you and your team for organising a great conference. A wonderful experience.

Helga Meurs, Netherlands:
Thank you again and the team for everything! Specially to take care for us so well! I'm very impressed about all the details you made like the namecards,  the gift (the coffe/tea cup, the foto-card with it) and more.
The program was fluently and so well planned. For me this is also what is important in EAHAE and HorseDream. You and your team in the lead without an ego. The thoughts and attention for the horses, the people, clients and companies.

Olga Platonova, Russia:
I'm so grateful. The event you've organized was for sure the best I ever participated. Your team was brilliant, Wolne Konie were amazing and all the delivery, accomodation, food was all perfect! Above all was the true spirit of leadership with the heart. Sasha was so happy to join us and he really felt belonging to our group which makes me so happy. My special thanks for encouraging me to make a presentation. Everyone gave so much support and nice feedback so I think this positive anchor will stay with me forever.

Melba-Linda Schertler, Germany:
We all appreciated the awesome job you did - Agata and Team - it made all the magic possible!

Anja Schröer, Germany:
Agata, thank you and your team for the organisation of that wonderful conference, it will for sure stay in our hearts!!

Clémentine Lefort, France:
It was such a FANTASTIC organisation! Thanks to you Agata and your very professionnal team!

Nikki Kagan, Israel:
What a wonderful experience of learning, laughing and loving at the 10th Annual EAHAE Conference. Thank you to all my HorseDream colleagues for the sharing, the exploration, and the love...

Carmen Valenzuela, Spain:
Happily Grateful because those days I've been accepted as a part of our herd, I have felt that we are connectec by the heart, I has recognized looking through yours eyes souls who already knew..it has been an experience of healing an regeneration. This morning the father sun rises with energy for all of us.. ...with love from Spain.

Berenika Bratny, Poland:
"Out beyond ideas of wrong and right doing, there's a field. I'll meet you there..." — these beautiful words from Rumi say all about the International EAHAE Conference in Poland 2014. Unforgettable experience.

Annemieken Van Reepin0gen, Belgium:
Great place, great people, great horses!



More Pictures by the EAHAE conference media team

Pictures by:
Thomas Egger, Berenika Bratny, Joanna Borysiewicz-Gardeła, Gerhard J. Krebs

More Pictures

EAHAE Director

Agata Wiatrowska, Poland

Agata is owner and managing director of HorseSense, a company offering Horse Assisted Education development programs, Licensed HorseDream Partner since 2006, ambassador member of the European Association for Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE). For 10 years, she has been working as Manager in an international consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers in Germany and then in Poland. Her experience gained by managing teams both in her home country and abroad resulted in her great understanding of leading processes and of the organizations. She is pioneer of Horse Assisted Education in Poland. Her company has offered seminars with horses as trainers for corporate clients since 2006.

EAHAE President

Gerhard J. Krebs, Germany

Gerhard is owner and managing director at G&K HorseDream GmbH and EAHAE president. He holds a university degree M.A. in Contemporary German Literature and Political Science.

He is working as an entrepreneur since 1983, started IT-Trainings in 1986 and founded HorseDream in 1996 together with his wife Karin. They both started with horse assisted leadership seminars and team trainings on the market in 1998 with horses as medium and catalyst. Gerhard founded EAHAE in 2004.