We are growing worldwide. Grow with us at the
2013 EAHAE conference for the first time in the United States!

9th Annual EAHAE International Conference
26-29 September 2013, Thursday 19:00h -  Sunday 16:00h
Cleveland area, Ohio/USA

Business as a Force for Good...
"May The Horse Be With You"

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Organizers and hosts:

Spirit of Leadership (Jackie & Herb Stevenson, USA)
Acorns2Oaks (Sharon & David Harris, UK)
HorseDream (Karin & Gerhard Krebs, Germany)


Agata Wiatrowska, Poland

Back home... Thank you for being part of this awesome VISION and REALITY....

Andrea Heuck, Germany

Many thanks, this conference was very helpful and very interesting. Right now, I still sort all the information that I have co-written purely nothing. It will be helpful to find the presentations on the webpage and to have the contact list right now. The organization was great, there was nothing missing. I can not express how much I have learned. The speakers gave a very good overview in so many different topics. Perfectly! Come together for me a lot of information here that I really need. Not least I now know better to whom I can turn to understand more. You know the expression in the face of people who then ask, "Why do you want to know so exactly? What do you need it at all?" Now ... it takes a long time .... :-)

Anja Schröer, Germany

I thought I'd record a little message instead of a “normal” mail.
I enjoyed the time in the US very, very much, thank you for everything. Jackie, please give my special thanks to the horses and Holly too. Hope to see you soon!

Chris Goodall, USA

Thank you all so much for putting on this conference and for bringing it to the USA!!!
I need a certificate or some type of "proof of attendance" to turn into my employer as they are reimbursing me for the conference. I hope to see you in the future (maybe in Poland?!)

Christina Pitts, USA

Again, gratitude for an extraordinary EAHAE conference.

Dana Reynolds, USA

Back home with a BLISS hangover. I feel totally transformed.

Hello EAHAE'ers. I'm experimenting with a free and private social website for friends and members of EAHAE to share photos, research, questions, announcement and best practices together. And especially friendships. This isn't officially affiliated with EAHAE, but I'm acting on David's invitation to act in behalf of what we'd like to see happen in the organization. Come have a look and join if you are interested. The site will send daily summaries of content updates to your registered email address. It might be a great way to stay in touch! I don't yet have a full email list. Perhaps you could help build one by sending invitations to those you've met at the conference that are missing from the site. You could say I'm brining the herd home. Hugs and Zebra kisses to all.

Deborah Inanna Krenza, USA

Thank-you for putting on such a wonderful conference. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your family and friends, and I feel very full and excited!!

Diane Ratkovich, USA

Sending gratitude to everyone for your sharing, fabulous presence and kindness throughout the conference. I wake up every morning singing good morning and go into my day with power, excitement and empathy. I am thankful for the brilliant thoughtfulness every level.

Ginny Telego, USA

I really enjoyed the EAHAE conference and being a part of the “family” was very powerful. Thank you for all that you are doing with this work and for bringing the conference to the US.
I really appreciate it!!

Heike Andreschak, Germany

Having a great time in Ohio!!!! Great people, great learnings. Feeling like being part of the herd!

Jim Kepner, PhD, USA

Wow. What a big weekend! I'm sailing on all the love, excitement and energy from this wondrous work. Thank you so much for including me in your herd.

June Gunter, USA

We can't thank you both enough for the opportunity to be a part of your global community. What extraordinary work you have done. Congratulations.

Karin Stock, USA

Thank you again for inviting me to speak at the EAHAE conference. You and your partners put on a fabulous conference and I very much enjoyed hearing the stories and meeting others who conduct equine-assisted training. I only wish I could have been there for the whole event.

Kim Seng, USA

Thank you all so much. It was great to be back with everyone in Ohio. What positive energy and love shared by all. When you leave it only enforces how magical and lucky I was to be apart of Jackie's groups, workshops, conferences and the herd. I miss you all. With gracefulness and love, Kim.

Leila Woehrle, USA

Amazing conference! 

Linda Kohanov, USA

Thank you Jackie, Herb, Gerhard, Karin, David and Sharon for a wonderful experience at EAHAE. It was a beautifully designed conference. I learned a lot and enjoyed spending time with you all. Wishing you much joy and success in the important work you are doing!

Linda-Ann Bowling, Canada

Thank you for an incredible conference. The learning community is exceptional. I hope this is a way to include the Canadians in this program. I will do my best to communicate the proceedings across Canada.

Lindsay Shea, USA

I loved our conference and meeting Jackie and seeing all of you and meeting fun fun new people. It was a great conference.

Lisa Murray Machala, USA

Gerhard, David and Jackie Lowe Stevenson THANK YOU all so much for a terrific conference!! So excited to be a part of this exciting and profound work!!

Melinda Blackwell, USA

It was indeed, a wonderful conference. I was energized and renewed by playing with, and learning from, this eclectic herd of humans and critters. My only negative issue was dealing with missing ya'll and feeling a bit homesick for my EAHAE family.

Molly Sweeney, USA

Thank you for a wonderful conference. I really meant that it is the best one I have ever attended!!! See you in Poland in 2014.

Nikki Kagan, Israel

AMAZING conference-- I met some of the most wonderful colleagues and reconnected with others. Content, venue, energy-level---all just the best. What a wonderfully refreshing and invigorating 3+ days-- enough to last until next year!

Olga Platonova, Russia

This event was absolutely fantastic. I don't know enough words in English to express how grateful I am. I don't have enough words in Russian to tell how much it impressed me. It was a life-changing experience! THANK YOU, Gerhard, my dearest teacher. Thank you to every person I met in OHIO.

Petra Derenbach, Germany

Back home from on of the most overwhelming experiences ever! Conference and Workhop, human and horse herd - pure connection ....

Stéphane Wattine, France

I’d like to tell you how moved I was when I came back from the conference ! 
Since back, I had a week off and it was a time for me to reflect, emotionally and mentally process what we have been living together with horses!
I don’t know yet the impact of this within the next few months, but sure there’s a new shift ongoing, the one shift we sometimes see with clients in the wonderful job we are spreading across the globe ! All the best to you all !  And see you soon.

Tiffany MacNeil, USA

The EAHAE Conference 2013 started off with a bang (literally) on Thursday evening! Jackie Stevenson held her Native American drum aloft to gather the group as a community of rhythm, motion and emotion. It was a reminder that although we have come together from different countries, the horses tell us that we all speak the same language. Gerhard Krebs, founder of HorseDream and the EAHAE, reinforced that our communication is based on the three tenets of respect, trust and love. Everyone is excited to see Pebble Ledge Ranch tomorrow morning, and meet the herd. We will be learning about the Spirit of Leadership, with horse presentation demos, speakers and panels. The excitement is palpable and magic is in the air! (Tiffany shared her impressions of all four days)

Thomas Michael Egger, Austria

It was great meeting you all!

Wanda Lee-Jones, France

Thank you all for a nice conference, great speakers, lovely weather and magic ranch !!


Agata Wiatrowska, Poland "Manager learns from horses" - Barbara K. Rector MA CEFIP-ED, USA "Leadership with Heart: Partnering with Horses to Honor our Elders" - Beau Daane, USA "Sustainability: Learning from Nature" - Diana Bilimoria PhD, USA"Inclusive Leadership" - Herb Stevenson, USA "Gestalt Approach and Contact Style in Coaching" - Jackie Lowe Stevenson, USA "Entering The Culture of Horse and Herd and Creating an Appreciative Inquiry Culture" - Jim (James) Kepner Ph.D., USA "The Energy of Joining" - Juan Bernado Bermeo, Ecuador "Listening to the Wisdom of the Horse" - Karen Stock, USA "Presentation of PhD Dissertation and Research paper and findings Horses and Leadership" - Ken Chapin, USA "Innovation and Managing by Design" - Kim Seng, USA "Natural Horsepersonship/energy, trust and relationship" - Leslie Yerkes, USA "Marketing from an EI Perspective" - Linda Kohanov, USA "The Power of the Herd: A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation" - Lynne Ellyn, USA "NeuroLeadership with Horses" - Louis Alloro, USA "Positive Social Emotional Approach to Coaching and Leadership with Horses" - María de Lourdes Quiroz Kepner, USA "Healing the Organizational Spirit" - Nikki Kagan, Israel "Relationship Facilitates Task" - Stéphane Wattine, France "Collective Intelligence: Executive Team Coaching with Horses" - Steve Peplin, USA "How Horses Have Inspired My Leadership"



Pre-conference workshop 2013:
EAHAE Qualifying Horse Coaching Workshop
Tues 24th Sep 14:00 - Thurs 26th Sep 14:00
Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio/USA

Train the Trainer Seminar: HorseDream Coaching Concepts

- NLP based concept
- Appreciative Inquiry based concept

David Harris (U.K.) and Gerhard J. Krebs (Germany)



First post-conference workshop 2013:
Sunday Sep 29th at 19:00 - Monday Sep 30th 16:00
Entering the Culture of Horse and Herd and Appreciative Inquiry Approach
Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio/USA

Jackie Lowe Stevenson, supported by David and Gerhard

Second post-conference workshop 2013:
HorseDream Partner License Workshop
Tues 1st Oct 14:00 - Sun 6th Oct 14:00 0
Pebble Ledge Ranch, Novelty, Ohio/USA

Karin & Gerhard Krebs (HorseDream), Sharon & David Harris (acorns2oaks),
Jackie Lowe Stevenson (Spirit of Leadership)

Presentations, Panels and Horsework

EAHAE Director

Agata Wiatrowska, Poland

Agata is owner and managing director of HorseSense, a company offering Horse Assisted Education development programs, Licensed HorseDream Partner since 2006, ambassador member of the European Association for Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE). For 10 years, she has been working as Manager in an international consulting company PricewaterhouseCoopers in Germany and then in Poland. Her experience gained by managing teams both in her home country and abroad resulted in her great understanding of leading processes and of the organizations. She is pioneer of Horse Assisted Education in Poland. Her company has offered seminars with horses as trainers for corporate clients since 2006.

Conference topic:
"Manager learns from horses"

Barbara K. Rector MA CEFIP-ED, USA

In 1974, a co-founder of TROT (Therapeutic Riding of Tucson, Inc.), Barbara utilized her skills as a Pony Club instructor to teach - TROT. While acting as resource developer, director of instruction, and executive director, she taught 45 weekly volunteers safe helping and handling techniques, schooled and trained 12 horses and ponies, supervised and developed assistant therapeutic riding instructors, while teaching 4 to 6 half day sessions of TROT classes for approximately 80 students weekly.ekly.

In 1989 - 90, at The College of the Holy Names in Oakland, CA, she obtained a Master of Arts degree with an emphasis in Spiritual Psychology. While at the Institute of Culture and Creation Centered Spirituality, she worked as an intake counselor and group facilitator for near death and dying youth, and women with homebound disabilities, at the Center for Attitudinal Healing in Tiburon, CA.

In the early 90's Barbara developed the therapeutic riding programs at Sierra Tucson Hospital and co-founded FETE, Medicine Horse, in Flagstaff, AZ. At Sierra Tucson, a private psychiatric hospital, she developed and coordinated Sierra Tucson's Integrated Riding Resource Program for adolescents, family week treatment, the eating disorders and trauma resolution units, while training the hospital medical staff in her model for equine facilitated experiential process work - now trademarked as ADVENTURES IN AWARENESS™ (AIA).

Barbara has developed the AIA/EEL Institute workshops and training seminars where the professional facilitation skills and teaching techniques of the AIA interactive equine exercises are learned and practiced. Educators, health, horse and other animal professionals are provided a residential experiential "learning through doing" opportunity to develop competency in the principles, theory, and practice of Equine Experiential Learning (EEL) and practice of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) utilizing the structural format of AIA. AIA.

Barbara co-founded EFMHA (Equine Facilitated Mental Health Association), a section of NARHA (North American Riding for the Handicapped. She is both a NARHA and an EFMHA board member. Barbara serves on NARHA Ways and Means and Standards Committees and EFMHA's Curriculum Development and Standards Committees. Her first book, is The Handbook of Equine Experiential Learning - through the lens of ADVENTURES IN AWARENESS™. Book #2, AIA's JOURNEY RIDE is a work in progress. Barbara is a founding board member for Animal Therapy Association (ATA - recently fused with PAN) which seeks to develop animal assisted therapy as a profession, link existing 'model' practices, and generate educational degree programs. Barbara is also serving as Secretary on The Commission for Certification of Equine Facilitated Mental Health & Education Professionals.

Conference topic:
"Leadership with Heart: Partnering with Horses to Honor our Elders"

Beau Daane, USA

Conference topic:
"Sustainability: Learning from Nature"

Christina Pitts MA JD, USA

Christina is founder of PITTS-ALDRICH ASSOCIATES, and has been consulting and coaching in varied organizations over the past 20 years, leveraging learning in prior careers as a university administrator, educator, business executive and attorney. She’s a writer and a poet, a former marathoner, sailor and tennis champion. Now her passion is horses, coming home to a childhood dream.

Building upon recent professional development through Lake Erie College, Spirit of Leadership LLC, HorseDream, and Gestalt Institute Cleveland, she and her partner, Lynne Aldrich, launched in 2011 HorsePlay HP2 - Human Potential Horse-Powered as their preferred methodology for supporting Leadership and Team Development, Change Management, Strategic Planning, and more, as well as Executive and Personal Coaching. Their business model is “Have Program, Will Travel!” taking their work to where clients and horses reside.


EAHAE Director

David Harris, UK

is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach. David is also a life learner in congruent horsemanship. He lives in Windsor, England, with his wife, two children and four horses. He is passionate about people and their amazing potential. 

David says “We are all stars, sometimes we need to learn to shine”. He is the founder of Acorns2Oaks (A2O) together with his wife Sharon. The vision of A2O is for its clients to experience “Success on Your Terms”, whatever success is.

Diana Bilimoria PhD, USA

Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management

Dr. Diana Bilimoria researches and teaches topics that include: Inclusive leadership, How do individuals achieve their fullest potential as leaders and contributors in organizations? How can workplaces tap into all the capabilities of leadership and diversity? She is an expert in how leadership development can transform individuals, groups, and organizations. Her studies have helped corporate, educational, and nonprofit organizations reinvent themselves and establish practices that attract and retain a high-performance, diverse workforce.

Conference topic:
"Inclusive Leadership "


EAHAE President

Gerhard J. Krebs, Germany

Gerhard is owner and managing director at G&K HorseDream GmbH and EAHAE president. He holds a university degree M.A. in Contemporary German Literature and Political Science.

He is working as an entrepreneur since 1983, started IT-Trainings in 1986 and founded HorseDream in 1996 together with his wife Karin. They both started with horse assisted leadership seminars and team trainings on the market in 1998 with horses as medium and catalyst. Gerhard founded EAHAE in 2004.


Herb Stevenson, USA

Herb is President/CEO Cleveland Consulting Group Inc., a Native American and USMC veteran owned firm.

He is a Consultant and Executive Coach. He coaches executives and board members in strategic issues related to long term planning processes as well as in day-to-day operating procedures. He provides insights in executive and board processes to enhance relations by and between respective individuals, such as settling disputes between Board Chairs and the CEO. Herb coaches and consult executives and boards in the turnaround of failing financial institutions and in the management of regulatory relations. He helps develop executive talent as part of grooming for new positions as well as for long term succession planning.

Herb is the founder of the Natural Passages a one year male initiation program. It is a program that enables the core integrity of the man to surface. It is designed to awaken, develop, and nurture the essence and fullness of being a man in today’s world.

He is on the Board of Trustees of The American Indian Education Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Herb has spent the last decade reclaiming his Cherokee and Shawnee Indian heritage. He
provides workshops around the country on indigenous healing practices.

Herb is a major support of the work of Spirit of Leadership and in the care of the herd of horses.

Conference topic:
"Gestalt Approach and Contact Style in Coaching"


EAHAE Advisory Board Member

Jackie Lowe Stevenson, USA

Jackie works as consultant, coach, therapist and educator. She is the founder and CEO of Spirit of Leadership LLC.

Jackie teaches at Case Western Reserve University and the Gestalt Institute. She is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Lake Erie College where she has founded and facilitates in the “Experiential Learning with Horses” Professional Practitioner Certificate training program. She lectures within the U.S. Turkey, Israel and Mexico. Jackie lives in Ohio with her Native American husband, herd of seven horses and a zebra, wolf/dog, dogs and cat. She has learned from her horses that “A herd is inclusive, everyone belongs, everyone is essential, everyone matters”.

Conference topic:
"Entering The Culture of Horse and Herd and Creating an Appreciative Inquiry Culture"


Jim (James) Kepner Ph.D., USA

Jim is a psychologist in private practice in Cleveland and on the professional staff of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. He is the author of the books Body Process: a Gestalt approach to working with the body in therapy and Healing Tasks: psychotherapy with adult survivors of childhood abuse. He teaches Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy internationally

He also co-developed subtle energy methods and teaches this work at www.pathwaysforhealing.com with applications to healing from trauma, stress and supporting wellness.

Jim's presentation will be on the topic: The Energy of Joining.
Horses sense, relate and connect through the energy field they generate around them and the energy of the earth. Jim has some observations about how horses use subtle energy fields and some practices we can do with each other to access this fascinating realm of connection.

Conference topic:
"The Energy of Joining"
Horses sense, relate and connect through the energy field they generate around them and the energy of the earth. Jim has some observations about how horses use subtle energy fields and some practices we can do with each other to access this fascinating realm of connection.


Juan Bernado Bermeo, Ecuador

Juan is founder and president at Checa Pichincha, Ecuador, a center of dressage and tame. The facility of 7 hectares is designed to meet the physical and mental necessities of the horses.

Juan has a real passion for horses since age 5, began with classes vaulting, dressage and jumping in Germany, Argentina and Ecuador. His studies conducted six years of Industrial Engineering.

From childhood he was interested in the way we think and understand the world from the point of view of the horse, and looking for ways to improve your relationship with them, making it easy for them. Horses marked his course and helped address the decisions of his personal life. Most methods used for training and horse management did not meet his expectations. This led him to attend various courses around the world to acquire new knowledge.

Conference topic:
"Listening to the Wisdom of the Horse"

Jude Jennison, UK

Jude of Leaders by Nature is renowned for her visionary thinking and specialises in challenging the status quo for continuous improvement. She leads by example with courage and a huge heart and challenges people to go beyond what they believe is possible in a way that feels safe, exciting and fun. And she’ll go there with you, step by step.

Jude combines 6 years of coaching and leadership development expertise with 16 years of corporate leadership in IBM to take leaders and corporate teams beyond their comfort zone to be extraordinary leaders. Jude’s experience in IBM includes Service Manager for a variety of Outsourcing contracts, European Business Operations and Cost Management Leader (managing a budget of $1 billion). She was the Communications Partner to the UK General Manager of the Services business and designed and implemented a Skills Management strategy across Europe for over 28,000 people.


June Gunter, USA

June has 25 years experience working as an educator and leadership development consultant. Her mission is to bring horses and people together to discover more effective ways of leading and of creating a healthy community. June holds a Doctor of Education degree in the field of Adult Learning from North Carolina State University.

June attributes many of the lessons she learned about being a teacher and a leader to the horses she has loved from childhood through today. In 2004 she founded TeachingHorse LLC.


Karen Stock, USA

Doctoral Student at Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management and Assistant Professor of Business at Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio.

Karen's research focuses on the derived benefits from facilitated experiential learning using horses as a training tool for management development. Specific attention is given to the effective transfer of knowledge that results from training that directly relates to individual's behavior at work. Her research consists of qualitative interviews and a quantitative study that provides insight into equine-assisted education and the application to business.

Conference topic:
"Presentation of PhD Dissertation and Research paper and findings Horses and Leadership"


Ken Chapin, USA

Ken is the Founder and CEO of Mobile Innovation Lab (MIL), a design consultancy based in Northeast Ohio supporting clients to build the strength, creative confidence, and skills they need to create positive impact, and solve problems in the world. He works with Senior Executives, teams and individuals to inspire people to passionately share their energy to achieve a common goal, increase self awareness, overcome assumptions and limiting beliefs and empower them to reach their full potential.

Since graduating from the Equine Assisted Learning program at Lake Erie College in 2009, he has worked with Spirit of Leadership as a group facilitator delivering customized leadership, team development, and personal growth programs that incorporate Appreciative Inquiry, Human-Centered Design, Positive Psychology, Embodied Empathy, Biomimicry and other research-based tools that influence how people, organizations, and communities learn, change, and transform.

Conference topic:
"Innovation and Managing by Design"


Kim Seng, USA

Kim is an Equine Behaviorist, Educator and Communicator, Certified Natural Trainer, Facilitator of Horse-Human Development Learning, Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, and Certified Centered Riding Instructor. Kim's experiences have been an enriching lesson with the human and the interaction with horses. Through this participation, she observed firsthand, the misunderstanding many owners have of their horses. All of these experiences and more has pushed her to create an educational facility, "Nature of the Horse", Horse and Human Development Center. The Center is the realization of a vision of being able to be a guide and coach offering growth between horses and riders in a holistic partnership.

Knowing and understanding the nature of the horse allows her to create a quick rapport resulting in trust, respect, and leadership. These are the qualities that must be developed between horse and human to create a beneficial bond.

Conference topic
"Natural Horsepersonship/energy, trust and relationship"

Conference topic:
"Marketing from an EI Perspective"


Linda Kohanov, USA

Linda is an author, speaker, riding instructor and horse trainer who has become an internationally- recognized innovator in the field of Equine Experiential Learning and a respected writer on the subject of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy.

Her book The Tao of Equus: A Woman’s Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse was selected as one of the Top Ten Religion and Spirituality books of 2001 by Amazon.com.

Her second book, Riding between the Worlds: Expanding Our Potential through the Way of the Horse, was published in 2003.

Both books have been used as texts in university courses across the country and have received appreciative reviews in publications as diverse as Horse and Rider, Natural Horse, IONS Noetic Sciences Review, Shift, Spirituality and Health, Animal Wellness, The Equestrian News and Strides (the magazine published by the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association).

Among her numerous lectures throughout the U.S. and Canada, she was a presenter at the 2001 NARHA conference and was the keynote speaker at the 2003 NARHA conference. She was also a featured presenter at the 2004 International Transpersonal Conference.

Conference topic:
"Linda Kohanov: The Power of the Herd: A Nonpredatory Approach to Social Intelligence, Leadership, and Innovation"



Lynne Ellyn, USA

Lynne Ellyn is the founder of Pasobilities Coaching and Consulting and a Fellow of the Cutter Business Technology Council and a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium's Business Technology Strategies practice. She retired in 2011 as the Senior VP and CIO of DTE Energy . She successfully held leadership positions in five industries: healthcare, automotive, high-tech, consulting, and energy.

As a CIO, Ms. Ellyn was consistently recognized as an exceptional business and IT leader. In 2002, Crain's Detroit Business named her as one of the 100 Most Influential Women Business Leaders in the metropolitan Detroit area, while the Association for Women in Computing awarded her one of the Top Michigan Women in Computing in 2003. In 2004, CORP! named Ms. Ellyn one of Michigan's Top Business Women, while Computerworld named her a Premier 100 IT Leader in 2005. In 2007, Baseline named her one of the Top 100 CIOs in the country.

In 2012, Ms. Ellyn completed a postgraduate certificate in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership with Middlesex University in Manchester, UK. After a 32-year career in IT, she now focuses on writing, leadership coaching, team development, IT strategy, public speaking, and consulting.

Ms. Ellyn offers equine-facilitated leadership coaching to her clients. She completed an ICF approved coaching program with Lisa Murrell of Equine Alchemy. Lisa’s coach training program combines the coaching methodology of the International Coaching Federation with the Epona Approach. More information about Ms. Ellyn’s equine-facilitated leadership coaching can be found at www.Pasobility.com.

Ms. Ellyn is passionate about building high-performance teams, coaching leaders for high performance, and managing complex business requirements. In addition to her postgraduate study in Neuroscience and Leadership, Ms. Ellyn has a bachelor's degree from Oakland University and an executive MBA from Michigan State University.

Conference topic:
"NeuroLeadership with Horses"
The emerging neuroscience field of NeuroLeadership and applying the learnings with equine facilitated programs



Louis Alloro, USA

Louis Alloro, M.Ed., MAPP is a change-agent working with individuals within networks in systems to enable positive evolution. He is one of the first 100 people in the world to earn a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. There, he published a framework for how communities evolve called Social-Emotional Leadership. This thesis work is now activated in real-time as a city-wide well-being initiative in Cleveland, OH and Northern Valley, NJ, which is the school district where Alloro matriculated as a young boy. In these two projects, the work is to find, leverage, connect and build psychological muscle in SOcial-eMOtional (SOMO) leaders, who are the influential change-agents within networks in systems. In coming together to learn to think expansively, SOMO leaders become more effective facilitators to form super-organisms to innovate differently in business, healthcare, education, etc. and most importantly: get different results. Alloro is a Fellow at George Mason University's Center for Consciousness and Transformation, owns a private consultancy founded in New York, NY, is co-director of the Certificate in Positive Psychology (CAPP) program currently run at the NYC Open Center and writes for both Positive Psychology News Daily and his own blog called Verve (Energy difficult to describe in words; it is felt).

Conference topic:
Positive Social Emotional Approach to Coaching and Leadership with Horses"



María de Lourdes Quiroz Kepner, USA

Lourdes is a Gestalt therapist, coach, educator, Nervous System Energy Work practitioner andfacilitates experiential learning with horses. She brings her gifts and skills as a Medicine Woman to all her work

She has published and presented widely on dreams, group process and human development, and holds certificates in Nervous System Energy Work, Gestalt Body Process Psychotherapy and Gestalt Psychotherapy with specialties in dreams, children and Music Therapy.

Lourdes was a co-founder and Academic Director of UPADGestalt training institute and concurrently was also Academic Director of the Masters in Human Development Programat ITESO University, both in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Conference topic:
"Healing the Organizational Spirit"



Nikki Kagan, Israel

Nikki Kagan, Founder, HorseSense International and Principal, Kagan Management Resources, an Israeli-based consulting firm, is a licensed certified trainer and partner of HorseDream International. In addition to her 8 years working in the field of EAPD, Nikki brings 25+ years of corporate facilitation, coaching and consulting. She has traveled worldwide assisting mid to senior level management teams and individuals develop their ability to lead, motivate, resolve conflicts and gain traction around challenging and complex issues.
Conference topic
"Relationship Facilitates Task"
In our work as facilitators, we believe we have a responsibility to open the hearts and minds of corporate leadership, to help them find their way back to their own truths by helping them to reconnect with themselves, regain trust in others, and most important, to experience the power of relationships.  Because at the end of the day, the horses help us to rediscover that relationship really does facilitate task.



Stéphane Wattine, France

Stéphane is managing director at EquiLibre-Coaching® which induces a different kind of awareness that is sharper and deeper. In brief it is a chosen accelerator to change.

It is a process that develops leadership in all meanings of the word: leadership in the professional realm, in managerial situations; self-leadership within the framework of a personal development objective or to get a personal project under way.

Conference topic:
"Collective Intelligence: Executive Team Coaching with Horses "



Steve Peplin, USA
CEO Talan Products Inc

Steve has strengthened his leadership and CEO skills through “Horse Assisted Learning”. As part of our conference panel he will share some of his experiences.

Talan Products is a leading manufacturing organization that serves its customers, employees, and shareholders by leveraging stamping and metal working expertise to provide innovative product abd service solutions with world class performance.

Conference topic:
"How Horses Have Inspired My Leadership "