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Chances to develop new business!

The youth are our future! How can we empower them?

Today's students are the leaders of the future. Nowadays, people start to recognize that to become an effective leader it is not only important to develop professional skills but it is essential to focus on soft skills as well.

Interacting with horses during personal development training provides immediate results because the participants learn by doing and experiencing.

In alignment with HorseDream, we have started an international research project: "HorseDream Campus International".

The focus of this research is to determine the effects of Horse Assisted Education, using the HorseDream approach, on leadership development.

This is inspired by the Horse Dream Campus in Mannheim, and the program for the “Berlin School of Economics and Law”. On both universities, the HorseDream Leadership seminar is successfully integrated in their curriculum.

At this moment we are in contact with different Universities (of Applied Sciences) and Colleges to enroll the project in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the Americas.

Participants of the research will be students. To get more data we also invite our “regular” business-participants to participate in this research.

All students/participants in this research will participate in the one-day “Art of Leadership” seminar.

The participants fill in a questionnaire before the training and after the training to measure the differences. The questionnaires will measure items that are related to emotional intelligence competencies. If possible, one questionnaire will be completed after the training and another one in three weeks. The questionnaires will be filled in by the participant and also by a person who knows the participant well through either a personal or professional relationship. The purpose of this is to increase the reliability of the research data.

The overall goal is to generate more interest, acceptance and “use” of HorseDream approach for developing leadership. By conducting scientific research, the HorseDream approach can become more evidence based and give insight into how the method can help people develop authentic leadership skills.

We would like to invite all HorseDream certified trainers “to support” this initiative. You could help us to gather data from your regular participants and students. So together we can develop our beautiful business!

At the EAHAE-Conference 2017 in Budapest, we hope to present the results!

If you are interested or you want to know more, please contact us at:. barend.gerretsen@zeyn.nu for Spanish carmen@horsense.es

The HorseDream Campus International team: Barend Gerretsen, Nancy Grootveld, Carmen Valenzuela and Helga Meurs

Picture by Nikki Kagan (11th EAHAE International Conference in Germany)


¡Una nueva forma de hacer negocios!

¡Los jóvenes son nuestro futuro! ¿Cómo podemos potenciar su educación?

Hoy los estudiantes son los líderes del futuro, Cada vez más se empieza a reconocer que para llegar a ser un líder efectivo no solamente es importante desarrollar competencias profesionales sino que también es esencial poner el foco en desarrollar habilidades “blandas”

Interactuando con caballos en programas de desarrollo personal se consiguen resultados inmediatos porque los participantes están aprendiendo a través de la experimentación.

De acuerdo con HorseDream hemos empezado un proyecto de investigación internacional: "HorseDream Campus International".

Está inspirado en el programa denominado “HorseDream Campus” en Mannhem in, y en el programa de la “Berlin of Economics and Laws”, en Alemania. En ambas Universidades se integró en los programas de formación,con éxito, el Seminario de Liderazgo de HorseDream.

En este momento estamos en contacto con diferentes Universidades y Escuelas de Negocio en España, Holanda, Alemania, Canadá y América.

Los participantes en la investigación son los estudiantes y para conseguir más información y más datos, nuestros clientes de empresa también.

Todos los participantes en esta investigación participarán en un seminario de un día “El arte del liderazgo” y tienen que contestar on line un cuestionario después de la formación.

Con esta investigación queremos demostrar por qué el concepto HorseDream es tan efectivo para que cada empresa en el mundo lo conozca.

Queremos invitar a todos los Partners de HorseDream a esta iniciativa. Su participación en el proyecto nos ayudará a conseguir más información

Esperamos ofrecer los resultados en la Conferencia EAHAE de 2017 en Budapest¡¡¡

Si está interesado y quiere recibir más información, por favor contacte con nostros por email

En inglés barend.gerretsen@zeyn.nu

En español carmen@horsense.es

El Equipo de HorseDream Campus International, Barend Gerretsen, Nancy Grootveld, Carmen Valenzuela and Helga Meurs.

(18th August 2014)

August 2004 - August 2014

EAHAE International Turns Ten!
In August 2014, The European Association for Horse Assisted Education training and further development is celebrating its tenth anniversary.

Horses as Trainers for Executives/Managers

In 1998 when Gerhard and Karin Krebs entered the seminar market, they never dreamt that their concept would one day develop into a new branch of further education. The idea seemed just too extraordinary, even exotic. And initially, they experienced very strong headwinds from both Human Resource managers and horse professionals, in equal measure.

Today, eighteen years after founding their company HorseDream, they can rightfully look back with pride. The wait was well worthwhile.
Today, over125 licensed partners are working worldwide with the professional horse-assisted management training HorseDream concept, reported Gerhard Krebs.

In August 2004, the Krebs founded the European Association for Horse Assisted Education, now known as EAHAE International since the members no longer come from Europe alone. The question was raised as to why the name had not been changed but as Gerhard pointed out, it is unique and in addition, it also stands for Equine AHA Experience! There is a website at Wordpress with this title and it includes stories from seminars as well as articles concerning concepts.

In the meantime, EAHAE International has over 300 members. These people are trainers, coaches and management consultants who include horses in their training/coaching work with executives and teams. They all share a vision: to establish horse-assisted training and further education around the world in every big company and every important organisation. This work is experential learning at an advanced level and cannot be compared to any other current training methods. What sets horse-assisted learning apart from other methods, is the speed at which people learn and the long-term effect. Feedback from participants continually cites how they have never got results so fast and the fact that they can recall their experiences after months and even years, Gerhard reports.

At the beginning of June, HorseDream relocated to the middle of Germany. Now HorseDream & the EAHAE Center Germany, is situated in Knüllwald right on the A7. The international expansion of this business follows this model. The EAHAE Trainer training and the HorseDream Licensed Partner certification is centrally coordinated and decentrally carried out. To date this has taken place in England, Poland, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. In the near future it will also take place in Scandanavia, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Australia and South America.

As of the beginning of the summer semester, HorseDream’s concept will also be included in the curriculum of a college in Berlin and one in Baden-Württemberg. The feedback from students at the Berlin College for Business & Law (HWR) studying Creating and Running a Business, has been quite positive. One’s personal leading behaviour has especially become apparent and has been strengthened, through this course. One of the most exciting and best modules that I have had to date – was just one of the responses.

EAHAE’s tenth anniversary will be celebrated at the 10th Annual Conferrence of the organization, in September in Poland. Tiffany MacNiel, an American particcipant at the EAHAE Conference in 2013, in Ohio, has written a song for the celebration accompanied by a music video, titled „Believe“ . The conference in Ohio, was the first to be held in America, after eight conferences were held in Europe. The EAHAE members are looking forward to Tiffany’s contribution. They firmly believe in HorseDream’s concept and are convinced that it will continue to be successful in the international seminar marketplace.

Further Information:
EAHAE International

Development Day
United Kingdom
(28th June 2014)


Trainer Workshop
(July 8-9, 2014)

Learning Original Collective Intelligence From Horses

Horses are experts at being collectively wise. They will teach us how to retrieve some of our genuine talents as human beings.

This two day workshop will invite you for a learning journey through the seven practical principles of original Collective Intelligence.

Program Highlights:

Original Collective Intelligence vs. Pyramidal Collective Intelligence.
Foster Original Collective Intelligence throughout human environments and organizations.
Identify key action points to transfer in professional, social and personal context.
Theoretical input including Thomas W. Malone, Pierre Lévy, Jean-François Noubel.

Horse experiences:

Collective wellness and safety.
Observation and synchronization.
Holoptical space connection.


(June 28-29, 2014)

Impressions of the beginning of the 2-day cooperation workshop.


October 2013: ITAT presentation by Petra Derenbach, Germany

Petra Derenbach presented the HorseDream concept at German institute which educates riding therapy and riding pedagogics.

Im Rahmen der 1-jährigen Ausbildung zum Reittherapeuten/Reitpädagogen bzw. zur Fachkraft für tiergestützte Therapie, Pädagogik und Förderung durch das Institut für tiergestützte Aus- und Weiterbildung in Saarbrücken gestaltete Pareion den Seminartag zum Einsatz von Pferden in der Führungskräfte-, Team- und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung. Nach dem theoretischen Teil, in dem es um Konzept, Philosophie, Ziele und Voraussetzungen ging – anschaulich vermittelt durch viele Bespiele und Videos aus dem Trainingsalltag -, hatten die Teilnehmer des Lehrgangs die Möglichkeit, Übungen selbst durchzuführen und das Gehörte zu erleben. Das Fazit von Teilnehmern, Dozentin und Institutsleitung: Ein gelungener Tag, der viele Anregungen für die tiergestützte Aus- und Weiterbildung gegeben hat. Näheres zum Institut für tiergestützte Aus- und Weiterbildung und den Institutsleitern Ulrike Link-Dorner und Walter Rauch erfahren sie unter  http://www.tiergestuetzte-weiterbildung.de/.


October 2013: SYNTRA presentation by Petra Derenbach, Germany

Petra Derenbach - our Licensed HorseDream Partner in Neustadt/Wied, Germany, achieved positive feedback for a speech on "Horses in Executive-, Team- and Personal-Development". The talk was addressed to members of SYNTRA, the management network of German Telekom. 


March 2013: EAHAE Development Day in England

24 Horse Assisted Educators from the UK and Europe met to take their Horse Assisted Educations businesses to the next level. Organized by Becci Harvey, hosted by David and Sharon Harris.


September 2012:  HorseDream & Partners (Petra Derenbach and Steffen Krebs from Germany and Jérôme Dumont of France) delivering the Art of Leadership Training to Chinese clients at Chateau Font du Broc in Nice.

All photos credited to Esther van Putten



Wanda and Vanessa went to do a course with Jean-François Pignon. It was fab and he is a great horse man!


Texas Instruments, Training 26th June 2012 by Horse-Alliance

Some feedback from the Texas Instruments group (35 people)

I learned how to better bond with my team and how to adjust to a flexible and unpredictable environment. A lovely experience overall!

I had the most interesting day. It was the first time when we could actually see how people actually behave and how they actually are, which showed through the way they treated the horses. Great business idea. Would definitely advise this for companies.

Very good way of trying to find that inner-self in you and make you realise what type of person you are and how you react. Thank you!

I have learned something new about myself and looked deeper into what is inside of me. It was a wonderful and pleasant experience. Danke!

Working with the horses showed me that nothing is impossible, even if I have no prior experience or knowledge of the task.

Being out of your comfort zone gives great opportunity to learn.

Excellent seminar that provided exactly what we were looking for and what we intended to get across. Unique experience, perfect location & excellent food! (Organizer from TI)

I realized that we/I have to dedicate more time/effort to the “Goal defining + Agreeing” phase when building a project team. Thank youl

It was great because it was different to the usual courses/seminars. The horses added so much value… good inspirations for team work.

I think the most important outcome is to always stay open minded. Be open to new ideas, strategies etc. Overcome your personal fear or disbelief and learn how to adopt to new situations and find solutions even in unknown territories.

Was a great experience. I will take away a greater knowledge of my team members. I now know what I need to change and how I should improve.

I enjoyed working with the horses and think it was a valuable experience. It showed me that it is important to believe in yourself and respond to changing conditions while staying calm.

I learned :
- to define my goals and to focus on them because without being focused I cannot succeed.
- to face fears (I was afraid of the horses) and to overcome them by trusting in others (the horses did not hurt me!)
- that sometimes you have to leave the path to get to your goal.

For me personally it is a great idea to work with the horses on team-related issues. It very much opens “the door”. Super environment made everyone feel comfortable.

Many thanks! I really enjoyed the day. It was great to see the collaboration in the team and the difference the horses made. Respect and teamwork was visible.

A great thing coming out of the seminar is that it puts everybody on one level. In front of a horse you have no other power than that of your personality to make things work. – fooling impossible. That’s great!

It was very interesting to see how someone can lead a horse using his energy. Also horses are a mirror because they show us how we are. At the same time the exercises helped us to overcome our fears and just go for it (of course, having a goal!).



 Christine Schöneberg cooperated with Melba Schertler
 and Petra Derenbach
at a training for Würth Academy

  German Feedback



Petra Derenbach (Germany) presenting at the 5th Big Castlenigth Link for German speaking members: http://www.eahae.de/infos.htm


  Carmen Valenzuela Rubia (Spain) shared pictures of her first seminar. "It was fantastic." Congratulation!


  Bruno Sperl (Austria) announced that he has retired from business. He was one of the very first EAHAE members from 2004. Bruno, we wish you all the best!


Wanda Lee Jones (France) and Martine D. (Tenerife) shared pictures of their local conference and a seminar they held together.


  Edgar Guerrero likes to share some pictures of the experience he had this summer
with a male zebra. He says it was a wonderful experience and together with his friend
and colleague Myron he will continue working with zebras to refine their bodily
communication with horses.

"Es sollte uns nachdenklich
machen, daß im Deutschen
einen anführen soviel heißt
wie einen betrügen."
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg


German Pilot Project "Berlin leads!"

Three months schedule of open seminars and corporate team buildings at six different places:

April, May, June 2011.

Seminar offer: "The Art of Leadership".

Internet advertising on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook.
Press advertisement DIE ZEIT February 17, 24, March 3, 10
Radio advertisement on "Klassik Radio Berlin" ten times in the first two weeks of March.

Warsaw, Poland
8-10 Mai 2011  
Polish Project "IFTDO"

Horse Assisted Education at the 40. World Conference of International Federation of Training and Development Organisations (IFTDO)  
8-10 Mai 2011  

Stand and Speech supported by:

Spirit of Leadership, Agata Wiatrowska & Adam Wiśniewski, Poland

-         Clients meetings (2 days)
-         EAHAE brochures at the stand
-         Speech about Horse Assisted Education

Total external costs: 2,000.00 euros


Wiesbaden, Germany
8-9 June 2011
German Project "Wiesbaden HR Fair"

Supported by

D-18236 G&K HorseDream GmbH, Gerhard & Karin Krebs
D-21465 DIE PFERDEAKADEMIE, Verena Neuse (Licensed HorseDream Partner)
D-68782 CollEquus, Christine Schoeneberg (Licensed HorseDream Partner)
D-96123 Datex-Perfekt, Helmut Schiffner (Licensed HorseDream Partner)

EAHAE will be present with an own booth at the German fair

Total external costs: ca. 6,000.00 euros
Devided by 4. Costs per participating member: 1,500.00 euros


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