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March 20-30, 2018

This is the ultimate opportunity
to learn and develop!

10 days in a row. Starting with the EAHAE qualifying Train the Trainer seminar, finishing with the HorseDream Partner License. In between two one-day workshops on facilitating leadership seminars and on coaching with horses - and the highlight: meeting professional experts from all over the world.

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Qualifying Train the Trainer Seminars

Only EAHAE authorized seminar providers are allowed to offer EAHAE membership qualifying seminars. You can find the list of authorized trainers here.

11-12 January 2018 (USA)
01-02 February 2018 (Netherlands)
11-12 February 2018 (Germany)
22-23 February (USA)
10-11 March 2018 (Belgium)

09-20 February 2018 (México)
23-24 April 2018 (Spain)
25-16 June 2018 (México)
07-08 July 2018 (Uruguay)
24-25 September 2018 (Spain)

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HorseDream Partner License Workshop Dates and venues:

06-11 January 2017 (Germany Zeidlerhof Oberbeisheim, English)
15-20 January 2018 (Benoni/South Africa)
11-16 January 2018 (USA)
11-17 February 2018 (Germany Zeidlerhof Oberbeisheim, English)
22-27 February (USA)

19- 24 February 2018 (México)
23-28 April 2018 (Spain)
25-30 June 2018 (México)

07-12 July 2018 (Uruguay)
24-29 September 2018 (Spain)


Long Term Training Paardencoaching

Coaching skills through Horse Wisdom

This is an
EAHAE accredited

In Belgium the HorseDream Partner License is part of an EAHAE accredited long term Horse Assisted Coach Training Program.

Coaching module 1: 23/04/2018 - 26/04/2018
Coaching module 2: 18/06/2018 - 22106/2018
Coaching module 3: 17/09/2018 - 20/09//2018
Coaching module 4: 26/11/2018 - 29/11/2018

(There is a special offer for Licensed HorseDream Partners.)


Business Growth
With Horses

This is an
EAHAE accredited

You’ve completed your equine training, now what?

Are you ready to grow your business?

Join double award-winning entrepreneurs and business growth experts The Leadership Whisperers to spend two days growing your business for success.

Venue: Wiggerland Wood Stud, Banbury road, Bishops Tachbrook, CV33 9QL
(easy access by road and rail)
Dates upon request
Price: £1250 + VAT
Book: Call Emma on Tel: 07985 274547
Or email for more details
6 places available

Download the flyer for further information: Business Growth with Horses


Video Workshop

Ask for further information!
Development Day
United Kingdom
(12th Nov. 2016)


The video from the recent EAHAE Development Day.

Watch this to get an insight into Horse Assisted Education. The day involved a session on horse assessment (not shown), business planning and an exercise that focuses on respect and trust.

Next HAE Development Day is Sat 29th April nr Windsor.

Development Day
United Kingdom
(9th April 2016)


Development Day
United Kingdom
(18th April 2015)


EAHAE Coaching Workshop
(5th-6th Nov. 2014)

With David Harris (UK) and Gerhard J. Krebs (Germany)

The intention of this programme is to open the door of possibility of One to One coaching with a client and a horse. You will not finish the day with a completed skill set for this wonderful approach. You will leave understanding the core principles and approaches that will then enable you to develop your skills and capabilities to coach people on a one to one basis.


Development Day
United Kingdom
(28th June 2014)



Summary: Networking is a great way for us to introduce our work to new audience. Join Emma, Hermione and Rchi as they share with you their Networking Neighs format that regularly attracts over 20 people to their monthly networking sessions. In the morning you will get to experience the format yourself, and in doing so network with others in this industry, and in the afternoon you'll be given the time and the resources to work out how you could use this format to run your own networking events.

Trainer Workshop
(July 8-9, 2014)

Next date:
Nov 5-6, 2014
Coaching Workshop

Learning Original Collective Intelligence From Horses

Horses are experts at being collectively wise. They will teach us how to retrieve some of our genuine talents as human beings.

This two day workshop will invite you for a learning journey through the seven practical principles of original Collective Intelligence.

Program Highlights:

Original Collective Intelligence vs. Pyramidal Collective Intelligence.
Foster Original Collective Intelligence throughout human environments and organizations.
Identify key action points to transfer in professional, social and personal context.
Theoretical input including Thomas W. Malone, Pierre Lévy, Jean-François Noubel.

Horse experiences:

Collective wellness and safety.
Observation and synchronization.
Holoptical space connection.

(June 28-29, 2014)

Next date:
Feb 14-15, 2015

Impressions of the beginning of the 2-day cooperation workshop.


2-day HorseDream seminar held by authorized EAHAE facilitators

After having attended this seminar you can join EAHAE as a "Qualified Member". Only then you may use the EAHAE logo and phrase "Qualified EAHAE  Member".

In this seminar you will experience five categories of hands-on exercises

- watching
- leading
- picadero (distance and nearness)
- goal orientation
- teamwork

and you will learn about three fundamental categories of transfer models

- leading positions
- team atmosphere / company's culture
- personal development

Seminar contents

Participation in the hands-on exercises with horses
Seminar philosophy
Seminar theories
Education and training of the horses
Seminar organization
Seminars for special target groups
Aspects of safety
Video work
Our experiences with Internet presence, advertising and public relations
Literature for further reading


The attendance of the HorseDream Train the Trainer Seminar provides the participant with the right to use the HorseDream concept for clients (not for trainers). It includes the right to use a phrase like "Horse Assisted Educator based on the HorseDream concept" and the right to apply for EAHAE qualified membership. It does not include the right to use the HorseDream logo or the EAHAE logo.

The price is 1.495,00 euros plus VAT.

EAHAE membership is 190,00 euros 19 % (German) VAT included for 12 months (options: 350,00 for 24 months, 650,00 for 5 years or 1.500,00 for lifetime membership).

Additional rights are:

  • personal profile on the EAHAE website, linked to the own website

  • use of internal EAHAE documents, information, presentations, and seminar concepts

  • participation in the EAHAE website award

  • use of the EAHAE logo and the phrase "Qualified Member of EAHAE international" or "Qualified Member of the European Association for Horse Assisted Education" on the own website and in letters, papers or brochures



HorseDream Logo

HorseDream Partner License Program

HorseDream Partner Workshop Video    HorseDream Partner Workshop Video    HorseDream Partner Workshop Video    HorseDream Partner Workshop Video

HorseDream Partner Licensing in Germany, UK, Poland, Spain, Austria,  Mexico

Learn more:


The Art of Leadership.
1-day seminar held by Qualified EAHAE Members.

Leadership and career are inter-related. It is a big leap from being a manager, senior manager, vice president to board member.

Do you want to know what people think of your leadership style? How are you perceived? What signals do you send out unconsciously?

Using the principles of experiential learning we will lead you through six hands-on exercises. In five short theoretical sessions we will talk about the underlying metaphors.

Leading positions and leadership styles
The comfort zone of your employees
Public, social/business, personal and intimate distances
Communication without a mask
360-degree feedback and the meta-feedback of horses

Target group
Executives from all levels.

Dress Code
The practical exercises will take place in an indoor riding arena. We recommend casual clothes with closed shoes or sport shoes and adapted to the season or weather.