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The idea is, to create a professional image film, that can be used by every EAHAE member on websites, Facebook, YouTube and so on.

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New Members

Elke Reiser, Germany
Arnd Hermenau, Germany
Sarah Busch, Germany
Anna Katharina Kränzlein, Germany
Sabine Schewe, Germany
Andrew Pluntke, Germany

New Profiles

Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf, Austria
Sarah Busch, Germany
Anna Katharina Kränzlein, Germany

Sabine Schewe, Germany
Adriana Cavazos, Costa Rica
Nadja Talpaert, Belgium

Daniëlla Corijn-Witte, Netherlands
Isabelle Huilier-Morano, Germany

Website Award 2018

New nomination:
Ramona Liebhaber-Baghel, Germany

Winner 2017:
Monica Kubik, Dubai/UAE


EAHAE Development Days
The Art of Leadership
Qualifying Train the Trainer Seminar
HorseDream Certification
Press articles

DER SPIEGEL Wissen, Germany
La Voix Du Nord, France
Your Horse, UK
Sonoma County Horse Journal, USA
infointern, Germany
Lovas Nemzet, Hungary
Gazette Nord Pas de Calais, France
Publimeto Peru
Kavallo, Switzerland
United Networker, Austria
asian magazine, China


Web articles, Germany
Entrepreneur, USA

Nieuwsblad, Belgium
Skaraborgs Läns Tidning, Sweden
Arizona Daily Star, USA
Fastcompany, UK
Neue Presse, Germany
HR Portal, Hungary
Business Review, Romania

hessenschau, Germany
RTL-Hessen, Germany
DER SPIEGEL Wissen, Germany
hr fernsehen, Germany
DR TV, Ellen Hvidt, Denmark
EAHAE Development Day, UK
Бизнес тренинг с лошадьми
Film-interview, Wanda & Vanessa Lee-Jones
Interview: Tiffany MacNeil

Radio (German) University Project

The first EAHAE accredited program:
Business Growth With Horses


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