Overview Annual EAHAE Conferences 2005 - 2015

2015 Documentation

Organization Development With Horses

11th Annual EAHAE Conference
2-4 October 2015, Germany
70 participants from 17 countries



2014 Documentation


Leadership With The Heart

10th Annual EAHAE Conference
19-21 September 2014, Poland
63 participants from 18 countries

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2013 Documentation

Business as a Force for Good...
"May The Horse Be With You"

9th Annual EAHAE Conference
26th-29th September 2013, Ohio/USA
80 participants from 15 countries

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2012 Documentation

Back to the roots - up to the future

8th Annual EAHAE Conference
7th-9th September 2012 Gut Klein Nienhagen, Germany
42 participants from 13 countries

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2011 Documentation

Equine AHA! Experience - Welcome to a New World of Learning!

7th Annual EAHAE Conference
6th-9th September 2011 near Hamburg, Germany
61 participants from 15 countries

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Slideshow on YouTube by Catherine and Koen, Mexico
Video  of the conference horse session: The four elements of leadership
Pictures of the post-conference HAE coaching seminar

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2010 Documentation

New Learning from Ancient Wisdom

6th Annual EAHAE Conference 2010, October 8th-10th, Windsor, UK 71 attendees from 20 countries (Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Australia)



2009 Documentation

Experience Change!

2009 5th Annual EAHAE Conference, September 11-13
Gut Klein Nienhagen, Germany
78 participants from 15 countries

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2008 Documentation

Widen Horizons - Horses in People Trainings

2008 4th Annual EAHAE Conference, November 14th - 16th
Near Warsaw, Poland
62 participants from 19 countries

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Post conference Train the Trainer Seminar

2007 Documentation

Leadership by HorseSense

2007 3rd Annual EAHAE Conference, October 6th - 7th
Vienna, Austria
96 participants from 21 countries

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Conference Program
8-days-workshop-program, HorseDream Partner License

2006 Documentation


2006 2nd Annual EAHAE Conference, October 7-8
Erbach (Odenwald), Germany
64 Participants from 17 European Countries, USA, and Australia.

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2005 Documentation

Easy Dreams

2005 1st Annual EAHAE Conference, October 8-9
Erbach (Odenwald), Germany

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