Julia Felton, UK


Company: Business Horse Power Ltd
Name: Julia Felton
Country: UK

Hazel Hill Farm
Green Lane
North Yorkshire
YO61 3ER

Mobile Phone: +44 7710 124848
E-mail: julia@businesshorsepower.com
Website: www.businesshorsepower.com


Business HorsePower inspires business owners to unlock the hidden potential in their people, processes and playground (environment) to create high performance Joined Up Businesses. Our innovative programmes are inspired by nature and the founder, Julia Felton’s herd of horses, because in nature there is no wasted time, energy or money.  Everything works in perfect harmony as an ecosystem.  The result is increased productivity and profitability, as well as more engaged team members, as twice as much is achieved with significantly less effort

Business HorsePower takes a fresh approach to corporate training bringing Equine Inspired Leadership to the workplace.  Working with horses offers a unique pathway to understanding ones true self.  This aspect is the foundation of a person’s true leadership style, true communication style and true, authentic behaviour

Through our Accelerated Horse Awareness (AHA) programs clients can embark on a journey of self discovery like no other.  They will experience AHA moments that bring new insights into themselves that they have never seen before facilitated through the experience with horses. Equine Inspired Leadership is about doing something you’ve never done before, pushing your comfort zone barrier, investigating who you are, having fun with the horses and raising self awareness. 

We provide highly cost-effective and professional Horse Assisted Leadership programmes to both our corporate and individual clients. The results are faster and longer-lasting because they follow an experiential learning method. Technically, experiential learning refers to the process of learning from direct experience, trial and error and the practicing techniques related to real tasks.  You wouldn’t learn a sport like golf by just reading a book and watching videos, so why would we expect teams and individuals to learn about leadership, teamwork and personal development through just being in a classroom. 

Horse Assisted Leadership has been used worldwide for more than twenty years, benefiting individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporate presidents alike. Participants take away the following long-lasting benefits:

  • Greater confidence
  • Practical leadership and relationship skills
  • Improved problem solving and decision-making abilities
  • More effective communication techniques
  • Increased respect, trust, and recognition
  • Better utilisation of strengths and weaknesses
  • Improved ability to inspire, lead and motivate
  • An understanding of the power of energy levels, how we use and transfer energy and the impact we have
  • An appreciation of the necessity for clear boundaries and objectives

Contact us today and let us help you unleash the hidden potential in your leaders and teams through the power of the horse.

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