Licensed HorseDream Partner
Licensed 2011

Company: Leaders by Nature Ltd
Name: Jude Jennison
Country: UK

3, John Taylor Way
Moreton Morrell
CV35 9DH

Phone: +44 (0) 1926 651859
Mobile Phone: +44 (0) 7584 248822




EAHAE Member 2011
Qualified 2011

EAHAE Annual

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The Challenge

When leaders behave differently at work compared to their home environment, it is usually because they are holding a part of themselves back. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough and feeling the need to conform to a perceived culture can cause stress and inner conflict as people strive to be who they think they need to be rather than who they really are.

Leaders who bring all of themselves to work are more compelling, inspirational and lead teams and influence clients effortlessly and powerfully with an energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and inspirational.

Why horses?

Quite simply because they mirror your energy, your emotions and your leadership style. When you work with horses, a powerful learning experience is guaranteed. It will transform the way you lead in life and work.

Why Leaders by Nature?

Jude Jennison of Leaders by Nature is renowned for her visionary thinking and specialises in challenging the status quo for continuous improvement. She leads by example with courage and a huge heart and challenges people to go beyond what they believe is possible in a way that feels safe, exciting and fun. And she’ll go there with you, step by step.

Jude combines 6 years of coaching and leadership development expertise with 16 years of corporate leadership in IBM to take leaders and corporate teams beyond their comfort zone to be extraordinary leaders. Jude’s experience in IBM includes Service Manager for a variety of Outsourcing contracts, European Business Operations and Cost Management Leader (managing a budget of $1 billion). She was the Communications Partner to the UK General Manager of the Services business and designed and implemented a Skills Management strategy across Europe for over 28,000 people.


Kalle (full name Holme Park Krystal) is Jude’s first ever horse and is an 11 year old 16.2 hand black Trakehner who used to be a broodmare. She came to Jude in Dec 2011, after being diagnosed with a back problem that prevents her from being ridden. As Jude has a back problem too, they have a lot in common! Kalle is very responsive to energy and emotions and reads people really well, making her perfect for her newfound career.