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EAHAE Friend means, that the member is connected with this platform. Some have just joined, but have  not yet attended the EAHAE Train the Trainer seminar. Some others work with a different concept or are members of another association. They all are allowed to use the EAHAE Friends logo. Depending on the Friend status they are featured, linked or just listed.

Further information to Friend status on the sign up page.

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Friends and Supporters
We see the EAHAE as an international platform, which was established in Europe 2004 but which is now a worldwide platform for everyone, who is dealing with Horse Assisted Education in personal or professional development.

The purpose is to work together and share ideas about information, communication, education, certification, research and publication of every kind of Horse Assisted Education. Everybody, who is already working with horses in educating people and everybody, who wants to do it in future, is very welcome to join us as an "EAHAE Friend".

Individuals and companies are listed as "Supporters" by donation via PayPal or by sponsoring EAHAE projects.


Margrit Coates Margrit Coates, United Kingdom
EAHAE Profile

Stormy May, USA
Roberto Lambruschi, Italy (L'Equitazione Integrata by Equitabile)
Equitabile® EAHAE Profile
Partnership Proposal

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Eva Reifler, France
Maria Martha Fossa,
Argentina   EAHAE Profile
Loayza Norma Gallegos, Peru   EAHAE Profile
Edjard Roberto Ratto, Brazil   EAHAE Profile
Beate Maria Sommer, Australia  
EAHAE Profile
Paola Quintana, Peru  
EAHAE Profile   
Eva Balzer, Germany   EAHAE Profile

Annette Mørk-Sørensen
Petra Becker, Germany
Anne Pellegrino, France
Thomas Klein, Germany
Juan Fenollar Moncho, Spain
Chris De Brouwer, France
Dominique Couvreur, France
Eleanor Criswell, USA
Sabine Bursig, Germany
Marta Argentina Boshant, Argentina
Patricia Hilali, Switzerland
Diane Loffmin, USA
Erin Halloran, USA
Maryellen Werstine, USA
Susan Levine, USA
Wendy Lyons, USA
Wendy Giggy, USA
Tiffany MacNeil, USA
Maria Lourdes Poblete, USA
Robert Pliskin, USA
Bev Lyles, USA
Katja Falkenberg, Germany
Equine Facilitated Learning US Inc., Mary Lee Nichols, USA
Vickie Gelinas, USA
Dr. Alexandra Baleta, Austria


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