Take Time to Smell the Horses
Name: Beate Maria Sommer
Country: Australia

P.O. Box 395
Tenterfield NSW 2372

Mobile Phone: : +61 408247965



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My name is Beate. My passion is Connection. And horses, of course. Life to me is not a problem to be solved. Life is an exquisite mystery to be unveiled.

I am a qualified Core Energetics Psychotherapist, have furthered my studies in the US with Kathy Pike from Coaching with Horses and spent extensive time with Liz Mitten Ryan from Equinisity in Canada where I acquired the Equinistic Healing Certification. Furthermore, I am a Reiki Practitioner and have studied Kinesiology, Nonviolent Communication, Co-Counselling and Heart Intelligence. I am an experienced horsewoman, a mother of two beautiful daughters and a spiritual woman with a down to earth, practical approach. Currently I am deepening my spiritual practice through studies of Sufism and the Aramaic teachings of Jesus.

At RIVERSONG Take Time to Smell the Horses near Tenterfield, New England NSW, Australia, you are invited to enter the silence, stillness and sacredness of sharing space with the Herd to access your own innate wisdom. You can experience walking the land to feel nature’s vibration and become sensitive to the various energy points. We offer Equine Facilitated Energy Healing, Equine Coaching and Natural Horsemanship incorporating emotional awareness and mindfulness as well as trail rides into the adjacent National Park with its waterfall.

At this time the horses are intentionally choosing to work with humans to help raise awareness, remove energetic blocks, increase energy levels, recreate balance and lift our frequency. Come, take time to smell the horses!

Being with horses and nature can be a path to Awakening. It is for me. This is also the title of my inspirational and gently yet deeply insightful deck of Authentic Voice Cards, published in 2014, The Year of the Horse:

Horses and Nature as a Path to Awakening
Daily Inspiration and Practical Wisdom Straight from the Horse’s Mouth
31 Authentic Voice Cards
for Heart Centered Emotional intelligence

This deck of cards is a labour of love. It emerged over the past couple of years, growing with me and I with it. It marries my passion for horses, nature, healing, spirituality, photography and writing.

The Authentic Voice Cards appeal to a wide audience. Stunning visual images capturing the spirit of horses and nature are combined with a good dose of common sense, a practical approach to spirituality and a focus on heart centered emotional intelligence. This is a unique deck of cards and it makes an excellent tool in the hands of nature lovers, horse lovers, practitioners and participants of Equine Therapy, those on a spiritual path and anyone on the journey back to the heart and to wholeness.

I believe that these cards can also prompt horse owners, trainers and riders to look at their horses through different eyes and that both human and horse will benefit. Furthermore, the Authentic Voice Cards have the potential to open the door to the field of equine therapy and learning for people who are not yet familiar with this powerful healing modality.

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