EAHAE Lifetime Members Antoinette Haering and Petra Pletz

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Company: equiXplore gmbh
Name: Antoinette Haering & Petra Pletz
Country: Switzerland

Wierezwil 271
CH-3255 Rapperswil / BE

Phone: +41 32 327 35 09
Mobile Phone: +41 79 205 10 36
E-mail: info@equixplore.com
Website: www.equixplore.com


EAHAE Lifetime Member
Qualified 2006

EAHAE Annual
Conference Attendance




We facilitate the complete development of our clients’ noblest qualities.

These qualities, which include authenticity, mental strength and emotional intelligence, are the pillars of authentic leadership and enable people to successfully follow their own path, both professionally and privately. Horses have an impressive way of reflecting participants’ leadership ability through their reactions. They provide neutral feedback, which is why equiXplore uses them as co-trainers in their courses and seminars.

Thanks to our diversified expertise and wide-ranging experience, we offer our clients an opportunity for lasting change in their leadership style. We combine participants’ goals with day-to-day topics from their personal and business lives, developing customized, holistic training courses and coaching sessions.

equiXplore’s leadership and personality training courses are also suitable for individuals in non-management positions. Why, one might ask? Leadership is part of daily life. Everyone could benefit from learning how to balance work and family life with self-confidence.

Leadership means getting rid of self-doubt while purposefully moving forward, dealing with pressures to succeed and following one’s own life path. In order to live a fulfilling life, one has to take responsibility for his or her life and lead him or herself.

Awake your hidden potential and contact us – we accompany you on your journey!