Ellen Cloots, Belgium



Company: E.C. Equicoaching & -training
Name: Ellen Cloots
Country: Belgium

Zandvlietse dorpstraat 39
2040 Zandvliet

Mobile Phone: +32475519359
E-mail: info@ellenequicoaching.be
Website: www.ellenequicoaching.be



Are you looking for a unique experience where your team not simply has “fun”, but learns to communicate, work together while establishing an enjoyable connection with nature?

In that case, a dynamic workshop equestrian coaching is the right fit for you. In this team bonding experience we emphasis heavily on the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication, team communication, the roles and dynamics within a team and strengthening the team bond.

Completing an exercise with a sizeable being that doesn't simply move at your very command, requires your team to develop the right strategy and work as one. The challenges presented are completely bespoke to your team, in order to help to come crucial insights about their individual behaviour and behaviour as a group.

Does this sound like an experience your team would benefit from? Then contact us today and let us help you create a more productive and cheerful collective.