14th Annual EAHAE International Conference
23-25 March 2018, Knüllwald Oberbeisheim/Germany

The group photo

Imagining The Next Generation of Horse Assisted Education"

Andrew Pluntke: EAHAE conference from bird eyes perspective

Conference organizer and host:
G&K HorseDream GmbH


Presenters and presentations 

Sanny Cassani-Praxmarer & Luis Praxmarer (Austria),
Leadership transformation in the future

Agata Wiatrowska (Poland) & David Harris (UK)
Igniting leadership - a transformative leadership experience with horses.

Gerhard J. Krebs (Germany)
Conference Opening Video
Leading The Herd
Distance & Nearness - Picadero Work

Rebellische Saiten. Anna Katharina Kränzlein & Prinz Chaos II. (Germany)
Madiba Mandela
Featuring A Special Guest
Live Like Horses

Charlotte B. Venema (Germany)
Horses & Spirit Poetry

Jackie Low Stevenson (USA)
Live Like Horses.

Annemieken Van Reepingen (Belgium)
Body Scan

BarCamp Workshops

Download or watch presentations (EAHAE members only)

Helga Meurs (The Netherlands)

Thank you Knüllwald Team (people & horses) for hosting this very inspiring Conference! It was so good to meet all the EAHAE colleague. Thanks everyone for the BarCamp input It was great! Hope to see you next year.

Monica Kubic (Dubai)

I came from Dubai to Germany to attend my first EAHAE Conference and have to say I got more than what I expected!
It was a very worthwhile trip with many new insights, inspirations and outstanding networking opportunities. The BarCamp setup enabled many productive discussions among the members, I got lots of practical tips from my colleagues and felt that this conference could have lasted even longer to absorb all the information and really get a chance to speak to each and everyone of the 70 international participants.
I am very thankful for the opportunity and for being part of this wonderful group of like-minded people. I already look forward to next year's conference in Kazakhstan!

Wera Kutscha (Germany)

Tausend Dank für das wundervolle Erlebnis!

Florian Ernst Kirner (Germany)

Das war so toll, dieses Wochenende. Anna und ich sind immer noch wie bescheuert vor lauter Inspiration.

Riddhima Kowley (UK)

Thank you Terrific Tribe for such a gorgeous three days of love, laughter and learning. Can’t imagine the power of what is to come!

Eva P. Svensson (Sweden)

Great to have met a lot of you, this was my first EAHAE conference and it was great to listen and learn from you all! “Nice” to know that I am not alone, that we have the same issues and opportunities no matter from where we lives. 

Melinda Bourke Blackwell (USA)

What a wonderful conference - excellent information and absolutely wonderful folks - two legged and four!

Olga Platonova (Russia)

Главная цель - мир во всем мире. Наша работа влияет на лидеров, даря мир их сердцам, семьям, коллективам, а ведь это такая важная составляющая. Наша философия - это любовь к людям, животным, природе. В любой части земли, под любым флагом. И если раньше мы шли шагом, настало время не просто побежать, а поскакать галопом во весь опор, потому что мир сейчас очень хрупок, и это чувствуют все.

Продолжаем мечтать, верить, учиться, делиться. Замечательная группа из России, Литвы и Мартиники, Казахстана, Англии, Германии, Австрии, США, ОАЭ, Франции, Израиля, Бельгии, Нидерландов (и так далее) на Тренинге Тренеров и Конференции HorseDream в Германии.

Mădălina Vîntu (Romania)

I got what I wanted: a lesson about “being” before “doing”. A slow paced experience in a fast forward world, with wonderful partners: people and horses.
Go on reading.

Arnd Hermenau (Germany)

Danke für das fantastische Wochenende, ich habe mich sehr (!!) wohlgefühlt in der Runde.

Bettina Städter (Germany)

It is great to be part of this powerful Horse Assisted Community. We and our horses are strong enough to organize outstanding Horse Assisted Trainings all over the world. It is still a very special feeling to be part of this Horse-family.

With Love Bettina.

Becci Godfrey (UK)

Thank you for all the effort you put in to make the conference a success, I had a great time and I was very grateful to connect with so many amazing people. I have walked away feeling re-energised and inspired.
Thank you also for the opportunity to work with your beautiful horses. It was incredible to have the time with them and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity of that moment with Durk. 

Heike Andreschak (Germany)

The spirit of the EAHAE and our common passion for this amazing work made more than 70 people come all the way to the EAHAE Conference - which impresses me every year. Thank you to everybody and "everyhorse" for these days of learning, exchange, laughter and joy. I think doing part of the conference as a BarCamp was great, but maybe we can think about the mixture between presentations and BarCamp sessions.

Daniela Mick-Spindler (Germany)

Thank you and your family for organising these outstanding days at the EAHAE conference 2018. I was impressed by the amount of competences of the warm-hearted and open minded participants. It's always so much fun learning from the experience of other horse assisted trainers and from the wisdom of the horses!

Petra Buchholz, Germany

Short before the next exiting conference will take place in Kazakhstan I would like to emphasize that the chosen bar camp style was highly energizing and lifting creativity and teamwork to another height. Over the months more and more collaboration in the EAHAE International Network is visible - it may be thanks to the bar camp too.
To me these conference and workshop days were propulsive in all topics and especially thrilling being surrounded with the omnipresent activities of the Film Team shooting multiple interviews.
The striking Art and Music of Anna Katharina Kränzlein & Florian Ernst Kirner added a bewitching touch! All conferences I experienced are engraving a sustainable impression on me. 

Sanny Cassani-Praxmarer (Austria)

David Harris (UK)

:craft: bildwerk (Germany)

Charlotte B. Venema (Germany)