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Poland 19th-21st Sept. 2014

Conference kick-off song by Tiffany MacNeil:

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Photo by Berenika Bratny, www.wolnekonie.org

2 second places:

Olga Platonova

The Winner:

EAHAE Website Award 2014:

We are promoting these members' websites until the next conference!

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The Art of Leadership  
Management Seminars with Horses

EAHAE provides leadership seminars, teambuilding and corporate trainings at a certain quality standard. Welcome to a new world of learning!

Impressions from a 2014 HorseDream workshop in Germany

Horse Assisted Education has emerged in the last 18 years as a new and insightful way to help human beings excel as leaders in their daily lives. This program is based on a proven concept.

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Qualifying Train the Trainer Seminars

Only EAHAE authorized seminar providers are allowed to offer EAHAE membership qualifying seminars. You can find the list of authorized trainers here.

Impressions from the November 2013 Train the Trainer Seminar in The Netherlands

25-26 October 2014 (Belgium)
20-21 November 2014 (Netherlands)
29-30 November 2014 (Germany)

More dates and venues

Licensed HorseDream Partner



HorseDream Partner License Workshops

Impressions from the 2013 licensing workshop in Ohio

More infos:

HorseDream: Gerhard & Karin Krebs
David & Sharon Harris
Agata Wiatrowska & team
Spain: Carmen Valenzuela

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EAHAE Website Award 2014
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Overview EAHAE Annual Conferences 2005-2014

10th Annual Conference 2014, Sep 19th-21st, Siedlisko Morena/Radzie, Poland
9th Annual Conference 2013, Sep 26th-29th, Ohio, USA
8th Annual Conference 2012, Sep 7th-9th, Gut Klein Nienhagen, Germany
7th Annual Conference 2011, Sep 6th-9th, Reinbek/Hamburg, Germany
6th Annual Conference 2010, Oct 8th-10th, Windsor, England
5th Annual Conference 2009, Sep 11th - 13th Gut Klein Nienhagen, Germany
4th Annual Conference 2008, Nov 14th - 16th, Warsaw, Poland
3rd Annual Conference 2007, Oct 6th - 7th, Vienna, Austria
2nd Annual Conference2006, Oct 7-8, Erbach (Odenwald), Germany
1st Annual Conference 2005, Oct 8-9, Erbach (Odenwald), Germany

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